Friday, April 6, 2018

Treasure Hunt: McNeil Island - John Doe Shorty and Family

McNeil Island Federal Penitentiary opened in 1875 and, well, I'm not here to tell you about the institution, I want to show you some of the people who came through. 


In the early years, McNeil saved money by grouping the guys together then writing all their names on the back.

This picture captures a the guy in the middle wishing a hole would open up and swallow him. 

GROUP 2: These guys look a little more relaxed. 

On the back next to their names is written "brothers."

 I hope the rest of their family is ok without them.

Group 3: The guy in the middle is mad at the other guys. Clearly.

Group 4: How is this not Jim Carrey?

Group 5: These guys are guilty of inventing the old-time jail filter.

Group #6 - The guy with his arms crossed is clearly a Vladimir.

Group #7 - The guy with the short hair has his collar popped and he's cheesing.

Group #8: These guys had some pomade, a comb, and took their time in the mirror. 

Group #9:  Those blue eyes.  I'm feel sure that I've met this man and that I knowhim, don't you?

Group #10:  I imagine him asking (in an Italian accent) 
May I please wear my chef hat to zee prison island? 
 And being told, Oh yes, of course you can! bring your knives too! 

The camera pulls back for a some photos in 1908. 
Look at this guy, hand on thigh, staring out the window. 

This. is. not. a. mugshot.

Note: They let him wear his fancy belt to prison

These guys are awfully dapper and well dressed. 

Are they even in prison? Are they Marshalls?

Maybe the photographer had his friends over?
 Because these don't look like prisoners; I see a banker and cowboy.

Pretty sure I saw this guy on Glee. 
He's smiling at the guy taking the picture in a way that doesn't say he's just arrived on prison island.

This is John Doe Shorty and family. 

All in jail. 

He is wearing  a tie and she's wearing a bow, and you can see they are holding hands.

  I wonder if his family is there because they are destitute and have no other kin?

Or is that baby really a 36 year old assassin? 

I must investigate this. 

 I am not ready to stop hunting though history, files and archives for stories and treasure.