Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Treasure Hunt: From Syria to Grand Rapids

After hours of research in my office with students today (they get exhausted after 40, 50 minutes, ask them),  I have an idea to start modeling how to quantify research so that students who don't do family history can still have a meaningful research experience.

I make a grid to note age, gender, race, and cause then fall back on writing down the major causes of death and adding hash marks under them. 

Before I get to #70/100, a pattern has shown itself.

 No stillborn babies (none, not one, are they not required to be reported in Grand Rapids, Michigan? or are they just not happening? must investigate). 

Instead we have 3 fall (ice, off garage, and at home -- and I suspect domestic violence in all of them); 8 by infection (this is 1/2 of what I expected based on Texas, Virginia and Pennsylvania, not a single one is TB); 2 by apoplexy, 17 deaths from heart disease and 19 deaths from cancer. 19/70.

I haven't seen that in any sample before and I have to keep researching to see where this goes.

When #70 comes across my screen I smile at the name - Salim - and race (white) then gaze at where he is from -- and see her parents are Mary and Joseph.

 From "France." Syria, France. 

 I can't stop researching, so I don't (continued) --