Student Question: Is WW3 about to start?

So this may/may not have happened (multiple times) today to some of us.

A student (or several) may/may not have raised their hands and then asked, "Are we going to attack Syria? Will they attack us? Is WW3 about to start?"

There is only one answer, and I didn't learn it in books.

I learned it from professors and professional mediators and facilitators of difficult discussions on race and privilege at NCCJ.

Clearly the student wants to discuss the matter.

 Clearly they have been following it and want you to evaluate their evaluation/analysis.

But historians aren't psychic and should never know about what is coming.  They can't; it would shape the narrative of how they teach history and how they see everything unfolding.

As far as I'm concerned, the only good History professor answer to that crucial question must be: "What do you think?" and then lets see where we go from there.

 (PS: Not wrong to bring up "Crimea" in discussion that unfolds.)