Sunday, April 1, 2018

Indiana 1923: 100 sampled, 2 stand out

So I went through a random sampling of 100 death certificates in Indiana in 1923.  I continue to be surprised by how few murders and gunshot wounds are reported; I am more and more seeing that level of domestic violence comes around/after Eisenhower's warning about the military-industrial complex.

Like other years I've sampled, most deaths are associated with lung and heart disorders; 14 deaths are stillborn or occurred within 2 months of birth.

I wonder if the death of this young black man was accidental; there is no notice that there was an inquest of any sort, considering the size of the KKK in Indiana in 1923.
(google 100% Americanism) (you will also see Margaret Sanger)

I was looking for violent deaths due to the rising KKK and number of guns available in Indiana; instead I found the first case of polio. 

How could I possibly stop now?