Saturday, April 7, 2018

How did lecture end? Hail NATO

We started class on 4/6 with a 2 minute quiz. The question: How did lecture end on Wednesday? About half the students looked up and seemed to take a big gulp of air before diving into their answer.

Others looked around and laughed.

They were there.

They had no idea.

I nod my head, I understand. Completely.

 I was at the Boston College-Miami "Hail Flutie" game as a teenager; I didn't have a phone or snapchat (I probably had a book and my undying ability to look at strangers and the skyline and also random objects and invent stories about them) and despite being at the game and staring at the field I may or may not have seen the end of the game.

 I thought I saw the end.

Of course I did.

I was there.

 I can see, I can hear, I saw it.

 It wasn't until my father played something on the radio on the way home that I was like, "hey! wait! what? that just happened? you all saw that???"

So yes, I can completely understand how someone could be in a classroom and miss the end of a history lecture.  

Everyone in the class did their best, and after 2 minutes we went over how the last lecture ended.

 Here are the key images in case you weren't there.