2 Research Options

 Research Option #1:  WORK WITH ME TO RESEARCH A PERSON BEHIND A STORY, OR JUST INVESTIGATE AN ANCESTOR YOU ARE CURIOUS ABOUT (limited to first 20 students who submit the info)

Do not tell me the story!!!! 

Let me show you what we can find out what I can find out with just DATA.

This person *must* be be deceased, and it would help *tremendously* if they happened to have been born (and/or died) in the US  and/or migrated here.   

Data Points Needed: 
Birth name (first, middle, last), birthday, state/county/city
Mother's maiden name, birthdate & state/county/city Father's name, birthdate & state/county/city Data on Spouse/siblings (if applicable) 


 Go through one of them or all of them and look for the documents that stir your curiosity, then discuss your research with me and write it up so that other people can learn from your insight*

Data Pool 1: 1916 Pennsylvania Death Certificates

Data Pool 2 1930 Pennsylvania Death Certificates

Data Pool 3: Fort Smith Arkansas Criminal Records Jacket 151

Data Pool 4: Almshouse Admissions, Oneida, New York

Data Pool 5: Mortality Schedules 1850-1870, Thomas and Lowndes Counties

Data Pool 6: Michigan Divorce Court Rulings

Data Pool 7: Slave Manifests of Ships Arriving in New Orleans

Data Pool 8: Mortality Schedule for Leon and Madison Counties, 1885

Data Pool 9: Texas Death Certificates

Data Pool 10: Admissions to Almshouses in Richmond and Queens, New York