Sunday, March 4, 2018

Office Hours, Veterans Village, Withdrawing*

Veterans Village Dinner this week:

Office Hours this week:

I will have your March 9 exam study guide posted by Monday night.  The format of this  will be different – I will give you a list of terms and you will group them into groups of 3 and then explain “together these show.”

 If you haven’t earned 50/100 or higher on 2 or more exams, please examine and change how you are preparing for my exams and spending your time during lecture.   If you are doing poorly on exams and aren’t taking 2-3 pages of notes a day, you should revisit whether you are giving me your full attention a during the short time we have together.   You can also look up “Bloom’s Taxonomy” to better understand that I am looking for you to demonstrate higher order thinking on your exams.

On 3/10 I will be withdrawing students (AW’ing) who have missed 2 or more of the first  exams;  if you are considering withdrawing yourself, you should know that a W looks better than an AW and does not affect your GPA like an “F” or a “D” would.