Friday, March 30, 2018

Claim Your Ancestor #52: The Whole Country Was Worried about Her

Dear Student,

Does this person belong to you and your family?

The first document I found on Edith / Mrs Floyd Godschalk was her death certificate, strangely torn and half empty.   The coroner notes, "Injuries to the head at the hands of Frk Amree who is fugitive."

I can't let this go.

Death certificate Edith Godschalk Andree

So I googled Edith Amadee and found in the Woodland Gazette that people in CALIFORNIA were worried about the her fate.  

 The newspaper wrote SLAIN WOMAN KNOWN PHILADELPHIA  "Body found dead in sack is that of Edith Andree."

 Oh my. 
I can only imagine tens of thousands of people across the continent breathing a sigh of relief that it wasn't their missing sister, mom, daughter.  

And then I bet a lot of them fell back into a different pain  that comes from just not knowing where someone is and if they are OK. 

Screenshot from SLAIN WOMAN KNOWN

Ohhh this is good. 

Edith -- Mrs. Floyd Godshalk -- was separated from her husband and.... well, the rest is history.

 Please note the dropdown menu in the screenshot below 
which opens all the death certificates for 1906-1966.
 I am downright giddy.