Friday, March 23, 2018

Claim Your Ancestor #45: The Widow Kleves

Dear My Student who has spent countless hours doing  research this semester and has brought me pictures and other primary sources that couldn't be found on ancestry,

I clicked around in your family tree and worked on populating some people you hadn't put together.  First of all, I figured out that your Greek side of the family was a step-parent to someone on your other side of the family, and we need to untangle that mess later.

I want to show you some treasure -- meet your ancestor, the Widow Kleves (born in Prussia and married to an immigrant from Hanover) who bore 9 children, only 6 of which were alive in 1900.  She runs a saloon and keeps some interesting company.  I did more research and the property she ran was called River House.

Look at those interesting people who live with her -- I would 100% watch them in a show on Netflix.

 Is it a bordello?  That's something to investigate!