Friday, March 9, 2018

Claim Your Ancestor #42: 6 Men went into Battle. And maybe Ann, too...

You asked me to find something unexpected and I think I stumbled upon it.... I was already soaking up the impact the Civil War was having on Georgia, following a family  who sent 6 men into battle against the Union forces.   They are  descended from a Revolutionary War hero who bought a nice chunk of land in George in the 1790s.

I allow myself to imagine how it must have felt in the 1860s -- before modern communication, before modern transportation, before the modern infrastructure -- that they genuinely felt invaded and were fighting to protect their soil, not some lofty idea of Dixie.

What was it like for that family to send 6 men to battle and.... wait....?

The 5 sons came home.

 Their 73 year old father did not. 

I hate this war -- and all war -- in a new way, because this violence will send waves of violence through generations (I know this because I'm working backwards through your tree and omg you'll see) in the region.

Your family tree is teaching me a lot of things, but then I found something that I could not have expected.... another combatant from the family ended up a prisoner of war.   

Please, please investigate.