Saturday, February 17, 2018

Exam #2: If any country invades America then basically we are at war.

Exam #2 Bloopers, from the first 60 exams.....

The new immigrants were a period when immigrants were coming to the US.  China also immigrated to the US.

Roosevelt Corollary: If any country invades America then basically we are at war. 

Gospel of Wealth: The preaching that people could come to the US, make money, and go back to their countries.

Saloons: Saloons offered a lot of relaxment after work.

Settlement Houses: Settlement Houses were started by a woman named Sarah.

Roosevelt Corollary: The US could step in other countries as long as US money was going there.

Roosevelt Corollary: Believed the government should be prosperous

Buck vs Bell: This is a case about Carrie Buck who was febrile minded.

Saloons: Saloons were created when the US prohibited alcohol.

Gospel of Wealth: Written by Andrew Carnegie.  Also in the Blble, Matthew Mark Luke and John

Gospel of Wealth: If people were immoral, God would reward them. Don’t help the poor.

Roosevelt Corollary: A message to the surrounding countries that all Roosevelt wanted was them.

Mother Jones lost four children to the Yellowstone Disease.

Saloon: A complex filled with bacteria that many people died from

Gospel of Wealth: Talked about sex and all

Settlement House; the only place where the Jews lived and could be safe

Open Door Note:  a Note that helped orphans to get better homes

Buck v Bell: Buck wanted to get sterile because she had a child with mental problems

Mother Jones: was a figure that discussed certain types of contraceptraptions.