Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Claim Your Ancestor #26: Renewed, all alone

So as I was researching your ancestor, I found a nice man who became a postmaster. 
That's a pretty major appointment  

Then I follow his tree to his dad, Renewed Littlefield, listed as a boarder in 1875. 

But wait. She's female. 

 Is it his mom? 

Why won't they say they are related if they are living together? 


In 1860 her name is Renaud.  Out?

Her son's name is Simon.

 Pretty french.

And then the only other document I find is the death listing for Renewed Littlefield in New York, living in what I assume is a shelter.  I don't know.  

You need to research this and find out what happened!! Claim your ancestor!