Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Complete History of the United States (1941) : Stupendous World Power

I have in my possession a book  written by Clement Wood in 1936 and republished in 1941 -- before Pearl Harbor --- which purports to tell the complete history of the United States.

This is awesome.

 I can't wait to see how it starts and how it ends, because every history book is a narrative that tells a story about the narrator and their audience.

Here we go.

(note: I broke a long paragraph into prettier pose) 

History is the recorded pilgrimage of the soul of man, as expressed by his words and deeds.  Its material is limitless. 

When dealing with such a stupendous world power as the United States of America, the history can draw from every word and every deed of every and and woman and child who every lived upon or even passed through any portion of this wide land.

 From these, history selects on the most outstanding and significant achievements, as worthy of memory forever. 

The trifles are passed over, to give more room for the inspired courage in the face of danger and privation displayed by Washington in the glacial winter at Valley Forge, as well for the black ingratitude of soul that led Benedict Arnold to write his name down as a traitor, for all succeeding ages to turn from with averted head.

The history of the United states became on July 2, 1776,  

 I would rename this section: "Survival of the Fittest and most Stupendous Stories," but really I have better things to do. I have to find out how The Complete History of the United States ends.