Saturday, January 13, 2018

Mexico, Cuba, Australia - What country did the US win independence from? #pretest

What country did the US win independence from? When/ish?

Most wrote Britain, Great Britain, British or England and placed it in the 1770s/80s

Some students only answered part of the question; others offered multiple choices.
Here is a sampling, alphabetized for you: 
 American Revolution, 1776
Britain (Europe), 1800ish
Britain, ;-)? 1500
Britain, 1660s
Britain, 1876  x 6
British, after something happened
British, Spain, Spanish
British, WW1
Canada, 1850?
England, 1177
England, after the war
England, before the Declaration of Independence
England, way before the 1900s
English, 1844
France, 1800s x3
France, a long time ago
France, around  1800
French, 1812
Germany, 1789
Germany, 18th century
Great Britain, 1600
Idk, before now
King George, 1812
Liberia, April 2
Mexico, Cuba, Australia
New England, 1804
Russia, 1684
Russia, in the 1700s
Spain (British)
Spain, 1800
Spain, 1820s
Spain, after Columbus