Tuesday, December 12, 2017

T: To be able to give help to anybody who is in need, in a day of age where people seem to only care about themselves, is great.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”   -  Maya Angelou
            I chose to serve food for the military veterans at Veterans Village for Thanksgiving. I was
responsible for bringing enough mashed potatoes to serve forty or more people. I actually like
mashed potatoes a lot, but I had never prepared such a large amount. As a bachelor, I generally
prepare instant mashed potatoes, so I don’t think I quite knew what I was getting into. I ended up
using a little more than fifteen pounds of potatoes. One thing I found funny, was you always see
soldiers peeling potatoes in these old war movies and here I was at eight in the morning doing
the same for the veterans. One thing I severely underestimated was the amount of time it would
take for fifteen pounds of potatoes to boil and how long it would take until they were soft.
Within thirty minutes of having to be at Veterans Village, I was still mashing potatoes, which
worked out for the best as they where still warm. Other than my food, we had quite the feast for
the veterans. I couldn’t thank the gentlemen enough who brought the two turkeys pre-carved, it
really helped a lot. Also, your ham was truly delicious. I was also really impressed with the
young lady who brought all those pies, she must have been baking for days. Overall the food
looked amazing and I think any family would have been proud to have it as their Thanksgiving
            I chose this project because my dad was an Army veteran and I know he would of really
liked me helping the veterans. To be able to give help to anybody who is in need, in a day of age
where people seem to only care about themselves, is great. An ex-girlfriend of mines father was
a tunnel rat in Vietnam, who suffered from what I considered to be an extreme form of PTSD.
By the time I came into contact with him, he was homeless and dying from lung cancer. The
effort I saw from the V.A. in assisting this man was truly great and to now know there are
organizations such as Veterans Village stepping up to get these veterans of the street is also
inspiring. Veterans deserve all the assistance the government and citizens can give them. We
might not always agree on why we are fighting a war or support the president that is in office,
but we can all agree these men and women deserve our respect. I’m glad that at least in todays
day in age for the most part, America supports and even loves their veterans, so that we will
never have a repeat of the Bonus March. There always seems to be at least one veteran in
every family, which gives people a real reason to support our troops.
            The veterans we served on Thanksgiving were all great to be around and so full of life. It
was cool to see how upbeat they were and how happy they were to get a home cooked
Thanksgiving dinner. Once the food was all set up and the veterans were all lined up, we began
serving the food. Once we did start serving the food, it went in a blink of an eye, there fully fed
people everywhere. I served all the meats, while your professor friend (who was an immense help) servedall the side dishes, the young lady dispensed her pies, and the young man gave out drinks. I did
find it funny that all the students there were from the Sarasota/Bradenton area of Florida. I even
went to the same high school as the young man, just many years earlier. I do wish I got to
interact with the veterans a little more, as we all know veterans like to tell a story, which
sometimes the best medicine is having somebody to talk to. After we were done a few of the
veterans stuck around to help clean up and help make left over plates for those who weren’t able
to attend the dinner. All in all, the time I got to spend with the veterans was amazing. I think we
really made their days and if anything showed that there are people out there who truly do care.
Yet, as a society there is more that we can do and I hope to see this change in the future.
            What you do to help support these veterans is truly inspiring, sometimes people just need
to be shown what they can do to help and where they can start. I hope what you do inspires the
kids you have taught through out the years to be proactive and donate their time in some way.
Giving that plate of food to homeless man, was inspired by the day and the lesson you were
trying to teach each student, which is we can always do more. My original major was Radiology
Technology, but I ran into a road block. I am now one more semester away from completing my
A.A. degree. I choose Rad Tech because I wanted to help people and still make a decent living.
Hopefully in the future whatever path I choose allows me to help people and live a good life.
People just need a chance to succeed and I hope places or organizations such as Veterans
Village, continue to give people a chance to succeed.
            I am so sorry, but in the rush of the day, I never thought to take a picture of myself and
veterans at Veterans Village. Of course, I would forget something. Well thank you for a great
lesson on how our actions can affect a group of people in such a positive way. I will continue to
do what I can in the future and try to teach that same lesson to any kids I might have in the