Tuesday, December 12, 2017

T: A little act of kindness can mean the world to someone

AMH2020 student*
“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”
- Audrey Hepburn
            Everywhere you go in your average day to day life, you will see a person who is less fortunate than you. They may be a homeless veteran who looks raggedy and torn, or may look like they have things figured out when underneath things are in chaos. You never know what somebody is going through in their life so to be able to give somebody just a small chance of happiness even for a little bit means a lot to me.
For my service project, this year I chose to send a box to the soldiers in Afghanistan. I chose to do this one for two reasons. When I first went to sign up for the dinner, all the sign-up spots were taken so my eyes went to sending a goodie box.  I wanted to send a box to the Gavin because I have an Uncle who was a soldier during the Gulf War. Although I was not alive during this time I still appreciate and understand what those men had to go through, and what those who are still there are going through today. To be able to send a soldier a box that has things they would’ve never received otherwise means a lot to me. A little act of kindness can mean the world to someone.
For this project me and my friend Griffin, he is in one of your earlier classes, decided to mail boxes to Afghanistan. Both of us have family members who have previously served overseas so it felt right to choose this project. We decided to meet one day and go to the store to pick out the items we felt were necessary to send. After wandering through the aisles of Dollar General, we collected the stuff we needed. Candy, twizzlers, chips, razors, you name it.  I decided to send a drawing board with expo markers so that during downtime they could have something to scribble on. I’m not the best drawer myself but I know that being able to draw how you’re feeling can help calm yourself and put things at ease.
I believe that this service project related to my morals since I am a strong believer in helping and respecting our service men and women. My parents have raised me with the mindset of giving these people the highest praise since they are working a job where at any possible second, they could die. I feel that it is necessary to not only give them a reminder of the goods that wait for them back home, but to let them know that somebody is looking out for them.
The impact I would like to know that I had on someone is at least a smile. I can imagine being in a foreign country, not knowing the language or the items sold there, and to receive a care package with my favorite bag of Doritos and starbursts in there. I really enjoyed that we did this service project because honestly, I don’t go out of my way to do volunteer work like this that often so this helped me feel like I made a difference to someone.

Even though I was unable to attend any veteran’s dinners I am still happy to know that something I have done will make it to another person halfway across the world. I will continue with my life trying to spread as much of the knowledge I have learned in this class from you. This year you have opened my eyes to many different topics that I hadn’t previously heard of and I thank you for that. I am going to miss this class, thanks for all the great stories.