Sunday, December 10, 2017

T: The best way that we can be great as a society is to be HUMAN


“A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.”-Saint Basil. 

I took these powerful words and transferred the essence of the words into my service project. 

For my service project I chose to participate in one of the dinners at the Veteran’s Village on October 26th and I enjoyed myself very much. I was able to interact with the people that I was directly helping by giving them items that sustained them. I can also recall being able to laugh and joke with the guys as they went through the line to get a plate of food and there was joy in them being able to eat that meal. 

The people were super appreciative and it made the young adults that were volunteering question what happens when these type of dinners don’t occur, or when the vets had had their last meal before that one, or even where the vets’ next meal will come from. The importance of social outreach and doing for others was seen as a valuable teaching and learning moment for many that were there at the Veteran’s Village to volunteer their time. The things that a person takes away from something like this cannot be measured or valued by anyone but that person.

 The ability to make plates and have verbal and physical interactions with the residents of Veteran’s village showed me how important my involvement with the people that I will be helping in my career field will be. I have chosen Environmental Engineering and sometimes the connection to the people that the work directly affects gets lost in government regulations and corporate power. 

I think that by taking my time and being at Veteran’s village had an impact on me and the people there because it gave them an opportunity to see that the younger people of my generations have hearts and care. It also showed them that their service was not forgotten or unappreciated while it also showed me that each person must be shown value even when they feel valueless. The best way that we can be great as a society is to be HUMAN. In that I mean that we are all victims to life’s ups and downs and we must have the compassion to assist people in need even if it doesn’t appear to directly impact us. Everything in this life is connected in some way and it is important for each of us to do social service events or projects like this in order to maintain the optimum balance of society if we want true progress. In today’s world there is so much tension and fear amongst people that people make excuses to get out of living within their human nature.
Even though I am a few years older than the majority of my classmates, I still could relate to the separation that exists between the have and the have nots. The world that we live in is focused more on the concepts surrounding material possessions but people are empty on the inside. This imbalance creates so many issues that stunt our growth and projects like this make a way for people that are unaware of this imbalance to wake up and observe before the negative conditioning becomes a permanent pathway. 
When I go to Haiti each year, I feed and clothes people that are in need and I take medical supplies to small clinics and schools because supply costs are high and they cannot afford to pay. It does not appear to be a lot on the surface, but small events like this shape the future of the recipients of the good deeds or acts of kindness. It is my belief that this is the first chain to a link of chains that will change the world as we see it. One thing that has come to my mind while writing this, is that I need to stay grounded in these ideas while I go through my program and be apart of a few internships or volunteering events in my field. This project was great and I understand the reason it is important for students to complete. If the people that are over the curriculum could get a better understanding of the value this type of project has on a person I would wish that it was a part of all majors.

In closing, I feel happy that I took Dr. Soldani’s class instead of the online class. I was able to connect with a professor that has an investigative mind for history instead of the standard memorization and regurgitation teaching that most history professors hold. She told us stories so that we could see through her lens and it worked. I am grateful of her time and her dedication.