Sunday, December 24, 2017

RD: By helping others, it not only helps the other person, it helps yourself and makes you a better person.

AMH2020 student
“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others,” by Audrey Hepburn is a very inspiring quote that really expresses how every human should live their life. The hands God give us do not change, they are the same hands we were given life with, nothing has changed besides the person and what they choose to do with those hands. What they choose to do or use those hands for is completely up to them and the hands have to comply. Your hands can be used in many different ways, good or bad, and the only person who decides this is the person themselves. Our hands can be used for ourselves or others.
            The hands that we eat and do labor with, are the same hands that can also give back and help the less fortunate. Helping others is such a great way to relieve stress and realize other points of views around the world. By helping others, it not only helps the other person, it helps yourself and makes you a better person. Everyone can become a better person, no one is perfect or complete. The holiday gift exchange was a great way to give back and help the less fortunate by giving them daily necessities that could be seen as obtainable items or rare things. By donating my time and resources, I learned so much of what other people have to deal with and truly realize how big the world is.
            My family is starting a tradition during the holiday season where my cousins and I go to the Ronald McDonald house and give them our time and resources. We are all bringing in items we think are needed by most people that are a necessity. After that we are serving lunch to the people and giving out gifts to all the people. I am very excited to start this tradition because I know it is a lot like the Holiday gift exchange.

            Being able to donate my time is what I do a lot over summer as well. I am a counselor at a camp called Camp I am Special. Camp I am Special is a camp throughout summer where each week new kids and adults with mental, physical, or emotional disabilities come to escape. Seeing the look on their faces is absolutely priceless where they are doing the simplest thing of brushing their teeth by themselves or going to get a glass of water is unreal. I would have never thought that brushing my teeth could be so exciting, but to them it is. Being at this camp as a counselor for four years now has taught me so much like the gift exchange. It has taught me that in life, sometimes looking at the big picture is okay, but the smaller pictures with extravagant detail is better because nothing can be taken for granted.
 Nothing in life should be over looked, even a blanket, slippers, or bath towel. Whether a necessity or not, everything in life means something to someone and has a meaning.