Tuesday, December 12, 2017

M: If I made those people’s lives just a little bit better I would feel great.

AMH2020 student*

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” – Audrey Hepburn. 

When I was younger I did not understand the power of giving but now I know the joy that it brings to those who need it.
         For my service project, I chose to bring in three items for the veterans. I bought two large towels, a pair of large pajamas, and a $25 gift card to Walmart. When I went to Walmart to get these items I first went to pick out the towels. I made sure to get the biggest and fluffiest towels that I could find because I knew I would want the same thing. Then, I went to find pajamas that the veterans could wear for when it gets cold. I also made sure that the pajamas that I picked out were soft and would keep them warm. After that, I went to find a gift card and decided to pick a $25 gift card from Walmart instead of a fast food card so that they were not limited to just food. Instead they can buy clothes, blankets, food, or any other kinds of products that they want. 
When I bought these items, it made me feel good especially when I was in the check-out line. When it was my turn to pay for the stuff I bought, the cashier asked me if I was doing some Christmas shopping and I told her that I was actually buying it for veterans in need. She told me that I am the first young person that she has seen in years who is buying something for others who actually need it. 
         I was raised to help others first and then help yourself. For example, every year me and my family participate in the food and toy drive at our church during the holidays. The church and I donate thousands of goods for people who are less fortunate than us just to make them feel a little better for the holidays. We also put together little gift baskets and a small feast that welcomes all homeless people. I like doing this better than the food and toy drive because I get to actually meet and connect with the people that I am helping. I am majoring in biomed and planning on becoming a pediatrician so plan on helping kids. I love working with people and helping them in any way possible.
         If I made those people’s lives just a little bit better I would feel great. I bought the towels so that they could dry off after showers, clean up messes, or use them as blankets if they need to. I bought the pajamas so that they can be warm in the cold nights and not worry about what they have to wear that day to stay toasty. I also bought the gift card so that they can buy anything that they need.