Sunday, December 10, 2017

L: Money and items don’t bring happiness, being kind to others and giving your service brings true happiness

AMH2020 student
We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that.” - Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen couldn’t have said it any better. Our world is so negative that we need happiness and more joy in life! In today’s world, we are filled with the busyness of our daily life’s. We often find ourselves caught up in doing our daily routine that we forget to just stop. When you stop the hustle and rustle of life and look around you, you begin to look at life a little bit differently. You begin to see others around you in a different sight. Our world is so caught up in social media and degrading others that we as a human race are not happy. True happiness comes from helping others. If every person would do one good thing for another person the world would be that much happier. For my service project, I decided to be Santa’s little elf! I chose to get a few gifts for the veterans that reside in the Veterans Village. I went to the store and purchased pajama bottoms, slippers, and 2 bathing towels! Christmas time is one of my favorite holidays and I love all the happiness I feel throughout the month. When I chose the gift exchange topic, I thought what better way to bring happiness in the world than giving a warm heart felt gift to a person in need.
            In my everyday life, I try to brighten somebody’s day even if it is a simple jester. Saying hello to somebody may brighten up their day and that makes all the world a little bit better. When I chose this topic, it went hand in hand with my core values. I attend church and our values are to be “more Christ like.” This means to me, being nice and respecting others. When you are nice and happy it will rub off on others having a rippling effect. Slowly it will go around to everybody. By putting together a few items for Christmas for somebody less fortunate, I know it will bring a smile to that person’s face. Christmas season is about giving to others and love. Spreading joy in such a small gesture will make that person feel loved. In this hard and cold world, we don’t know everybody’s life story but I do know that everyone deserves to feel loved.
By doing this I don’t expect anything in return other than the person receiving go ahead and extend love and joy to another. When someone receives something, my hope is they then give what they can to another. The biggest lesson I learned growing up was one my father taught me. This story stuck with me and I will continue to listen to it. One day I was complaining about money and wishing I had a certain item. I complained and complained until my father sat me down. He said “son these items may be nice but they are temporary. When you die, you don’t see a U-Haul following you.” As I have gotten older this stuck with me:  money and items don’t bring happiness, being kind to others and giving your service brings true happiness. As the holiday season comes closer I hope that everybody does at least one nice thing for another. This small service project t that I completed brought me joy that someone this Christmas season won’t go without!