Tuesday, December 12, 2017

K: With family who are active in the Military as well as veterans, this project really hits home and was a project I had great pride in completing

AMH2020 student
“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and this is sincerity and integrity”-Douglas Adams. To me this quote represents and expresses putting things in perspective. Today in America, we live in a society where many people are attached and drawn into the brand new material items, resulting in us focusing on aspects of life that consume us based on material things. If you pick up a magazine or turn on the TV it is mainly what celebrities are doing what or the latest new thing. 
I believe society has such a focus on money that we have lost a sense of staying grounded and down to earth. The second part of the quotes states that to give real service we must add sincerity and integrity, meaning that we must have pride and volunteer to help others from the bottom of our heart and have a passion for helping. I believe this quote is extremely relevant  to the Service Project I chose to complete which was sending a box to Afghanistan for our soldiers. It really puts things in perspective for me. To be a soldier, risking their lives for this United States of America and fighting for our freedom, to have such simple requests was humbling. I was happy I was able to provide the service to a United States soldier in Afghanistan. A personal box coming from overseas adds the sense of sincerity and thoughtfulness that is expressed in the quote in which money cannot buy. With family who are active in the Military as well as veterans, this project really hits home and was a project I had great pride in completing and participating in.
For my service project, I chose to send a care package to Afghanistan. I along with another classmate went to the Walmart in Tallahassee to pick up a few of the requests that were sent from the Soldiers overseas, to be included in the boxes. While deciding what I was going to put in the box I really thought, what on the list I would miss the most if I were overseas for the amount of time they are. While I thought about this, I eventually came up with the executive decision to send Cheetos Puffs, Country time lemonade powder and blueberry Cliff bars. Most of the reasoning behind my decision to send these items came from me wanting to send them a food they can snack on being the Cheetos Puffs as well as a nutritional alternative being the Cliff bar to give them a healthy source of energy. After purchasing the items from the Walmart the food was packaged up and the care package was sent in route to help the soldiers to give them a sense of support and sincerity from the people back home as a heartwarming sense of kindness.
I really enjoyed this service project and really believed it stood for something bigger than us. To have a whole class participate in such a selfless and caring act near holiday season was something very special to be a part of. I as an American, have a huge sense of patriotism, pride and support for America’s first responders, law enforcement , teachers, military and anyone else who has a positive impact on the United States. I believe that coming from a military family it has helped me mold these core values into me as a person. Although my major is undecided, I want to pursue something that will result in me making a positive contribution to my community, society and country as well as making my family proud. I enjoyed this project because it was an act of kindness that showed our appreciation for the courageous service that is done for us day in and day out.
                  I believe that the soldiers who receive these packages are extremely thankful and can turn their day around. They are in a situation overseas where most have not seen their family in over a year. For the soldiers it is hard doing what they do so far from home, especially during holiday season. It is a huge sacrifice they make for America. This act of kindness has a huge impact on not only the soldiers but us, the students as well. The positive vibe goes both ways. It is extremely good for the soul knowing you are helping someone out. Mentally is feels very good to give and puts you in a very positive state. I felt that this project was very beneficial and impacted everyone in the class in a positive manner.