Sunday, December 10, 2017

K: My core value is caring for people and I believe that these gifts will help these people be cared for

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” - Douglas Adams. 

The gifts that I bought may be able to be measured by money but I don’t believe that someone can measure the value of these gifts to these people who really need it.   

There is no money value to seeing someone who may not have a blanket open one and be so happy about it, that is priceless to me.  While yes, the towels, gift cars, and blanket can all be measured in money value, their usage by these special people can never be measured

For my service project I chose to donate two new large bath towels, a Walmart gift card and one blanket to the retired veterans of veterans village.

 I chose this project not because it sounded like the easiest to get by but because these small essentials can mean so much to people who have almost next nothing to for Christmas.   

These veterans who are obviously very deserving of all of these things and shouldn’t even have to worry about getting them may not even have these essentials.  No one should be live like that and especially people who fought for our freedom.  I chose to do this project because in high school my whole school did something we called a wrap in.  Every grade in the school was assigned a different age group where you would get gifts corresponding with what age group you were assigned.  These gifts would go to low income families around our school that couldn’t afford gifts for their kids for the holidays.  I felt that if the veterans of our country are in jeopardy of not getting anything than that’s something I want to help with.  I loved doing the wrap in every year because the parents of the families would write back thank-you notes saying how thankful they were to us and that really makes someone feel good about what they did.  

 Even if they didn’t do that we knew that we were helping a good cause and making kids and their parents happy at the holidays where everyone should be happy.  I feel like these veterans who may not having any family looking out for them anymore will really appreciate these gifts because although they are not elaborate gifts, they are essentials to everyday living and that is what they truly need. When I first read the list of gifts that we could buy I was confused because that’s something someone usually asks for but then I realized that these people may not have these or they do but they are in bad condition.  That is really sad to think about because these people risked our lives for us and now they have no family and little supplies and their facilities.  I think these people will benefit greatly from these gifts and have a happier holidays because of it. I believe that my core value is caring for people and I believe that these gifts will help these people be cared for and live a little bit easier life than they are.  It will be also give them a happier holiday season knowing that someone was thinking about them when they thought that no one was.