Tuesday, December 12, 2017

J: Time is something that you can’t take back and you must be very careful on what you waste it on.

AMH2020 student*

To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity. Things that shape a person isn’t what they got but what they do with what they got. It’s so crazy that in this world people expect to get everything without giving back How can a person be so selfish but love to receive things. I feel that I must do everything there is to help the next man get to the top. Being at the top and looking down on everyone will not always bring me joy but instead making someone else smile will. I came from a world that everything I ever had I had to share with a family member or friend when I didn’t want to do. The chance of me giving to someone really made me not become a selfish individual that only look for something in the way to help myself. The world is full of things that you will always like but have you ever considered that someone else might need what you just want. 
I decided to help a lending hand with my neighbor and make her smile for once. She was old and couldn’t move like how she did in her younger years. She wanted me to do daily chores around her house for a couple of days until she got paid to get another maid. I cleaned her house and helped wash her clothes excluding her under garments. She had to get someone to obtain those. She is 82 years old and been staying in the community since she was in high school. She even went to the public college to make sure that she didn’t have to move. Her studies were public relation. 
She told me the ins and outs of everything that I need to know for my major also. It was a life hanging moment that makes me confident in my major. She also even pointed me to people that could give me an internship for major businesses so that I can have a chance to show that I am a great asset. 
Time is something that you can’t take back and you must be very careful on what you waste it on. It moved me to know that I had someone that is way older than me and came from two different worlds. She thinks of me to be the nicest person that she has ever met before. She noticed me in the neighborhood but never really got the chance to know me personally. I value respect and it is what keeps me going in my day to day life. 
I feel that when respect is understood then there shouldn’t ever be a disagreement or rudeness coming my way. I treat everyone with the highest respect and never want anybody to feel that they can never be around me. We all hate to be around someone that just can’t watch their mouths or have bad things to say to someone. When someone notices you for who you really are than blessings begin to start rolling out. I feel that I impact the neighborhood and not just that one neighbor. Everyone always looks at me with a smile and always likes when I approach them. They think of me as a person and not a person that’s waiting to become a statistic in the world.
 Our neighborhood has endured some crazy things and really shapes the way that we think every day. The kids that are in my neighborhood really look up to me and want to do the same thing as me when they get to my age. I haven’t ever been arrested, never get into fights, and always talk to people with respect. I’m in school, working and trying to make a future for myself. I always talk to the kids trying to talk them into going to school and tell them about all the good times that I have. Its more to what meets the eye and always repeat that to them. I went to my neighbor’s house from 8 in the morning until 5 in the evening. She always ordered me pizza and never asked for a slice. The pizza was good and cheesy but she said that she had to watch her carb intake so she doesn’t get fat.  I feel that me going out my way to make someone smiles just made me feel better as an individual. I also made sure that I helped with the army man across seas out at war. The box that I made for shipment was very nice and whoever get it would be glad they got it from me. The box had soap, cookies, chips, grits, and granola bars for energy. Everything in the box is what I love to eat on the normal and what I snack on when I’m at home. The men are across the water really risking their lives to make sure that I’m living the great life I’m living. The people really go through traumatic situations and many people are highly affected by this. People really take the soldiers for granted and don’t really process what they are doing for us in America. I’m glad that I had the chance to put smiles on these people faces and make their day better in some way. It never hurts to just consider someone else other than yourself in life some time. The fact that I really enjoyed this activity made me look at things a lot different. Life isn’t always promised so why not leave your mark before you leave. You can always look back on the good times that you brought someone or someone can pint you out for what you did. I’m glad that I didn’t grow up really privileged to get everything that I ever wanted in life because I would be very selfish. Keep blessing someone because you never know when you are going to need a blessing to get you through a hard day that you are having.