Sunday, December 10, 2017

J: The least we can do, as patriots to our own country is to open our wallets, open our hearts, and give to the men that risk their lives for us every day.

AMH2020 student

 Help others and give something back. I guarantee you will discover that while public service improves the lives and the world around you, its greatest reward is the enrichment and new meaning it will bring your own life.”- Arnold Schwarzenegger

            The service project I decided to take on was sending goodie boxes to Afghanistan for the soldiers, because while in service, they do not have things like candy and chips to satisfy the cravings we all get for junk food. This project was very meaningful to me, because it showed how being in America, and being free, while others fight for your freedom is so incredible. The least we can do, as patriots to our own country is to open our wallets, open our hearts, and give to the men that risk their lives for us every day.
This service project directly takes on the core value of giving, and giving what you can, because the men overseas are grateful for everything that comes their way. In both boxes I sent, I bought cards and sent a thank you letter, saying how much we as Americans appreciate them, and that we are praying that one day they will come home safe, and can finally rest knowing that their families are out of harm’s way. The way that this giving project can connect to my major is that in life, within a big company, there will always be charity events, but maybe not an event where you send goodies to Afghanistan. This is where I’d be able to come in and say that I have connections to the soldiers in Afghanistan, and that I would be able to collect boxes to be sent there so that the men fighting for us have a chance to eat something sweet, or something that they have been craving. The effects of these small boxes can be great, they immediately affect the lives of our troops, but also, that affect the lives of others around you watching you send the box.
I told my roommate about the boxes, and he told his mom about them, and now they are all sending Christmas boxes out with organizations such as, Operation Christmas Child Boxes, which is huge in my area, Tampa. It feels great to know that you helped push me to do something nice for our country, and now that I did, and I told someone about it, and now they are wanting in on the giving, it’s a great feeling. Giving is a trend that usually comes around this time of year, hinting the name “giving season”, or “tis the season to give”. I understand that, but why is there a season, there are people in this world that need our help all year round, and when we give all at once, it won’t last them throughout the year. I think it’d be amazing to give in intervals throughout the year to different organizations to help out all year round, not just the giving season. I’m very grateful to have you as one of my first college professors, because you really showed me that there are still good teachers out there that have cares beyond the classroom, and take their own time to make sure that students volunteer, and give back to the community. 
Being a college kid, I know that it can be hard to do service projects, being low on money, and busy with schoolwork, but honestly it was nice getting out of the room, and doing something nice for someone. There are little to no teachers there days that are willing to do what you do, and I’m so happy I took your class this semester, it changed my outlook on how college is going to be for me these next four years. The main impact that these service projects have in this community are that when one person gives, other want to as well. By showing the way and being a leader in the college community, you can really shine as a student, because students can get lazy, and bored. When students get bored, stupid things happen, so if we could keep students interested in something a couple nights a week that could save them from getting in trouble. Some students may not even be trouble makers, they just want to get out of their room and do something productive with their life, service projects are a great way to do that.
The reason why I chose the Arnold Schwarzenegger quote is because it directly reflects my experiences of giving back to the community, and overseas. When I saw this quote in the choices I immediately chose it knowing that it would match up with my essay perfectly, explaining what I have been talking about in the last paragraph, and about my personal experiences with service projects. I am also extremely happy that I was able to do this service project this semester, because annually I put together a few operation Christmas child boxes, to be sent overseas to the kids that do not have anything. The difference from those boxes, and the boxes that we sent this semester is the age group. I sent toys, socks, toothbrushes, and any essential that we have in America that is rare in 3rd world countries. Usually, I send a few of these out with my local church, but since the collection is over, I missed it by a week. I’m grateful that I sent these boxes because I would’ve missed out on giving to the people that really need our love. We are spoiled in America, whether we think so or not, we want new phones for Christmas, while the kids in 3rd world counties just want socks to put on their feet, and clothes to put on their bodies. I just wanted to thank you again, Dr. Soldani, for the opportunities to give this semester to make kids realize that they can make a difference in their community and worldwide. I’ll miss you next semester, thank you.