Sunday, December 24, 2017

DF:It was about taking the time to actually do something great and I had so much fun

(AMH2020 student) 
“We need more Kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that”
-Ellen DeGeneres
 What I did was something fun by donating a box of big towels, slippers, and men pajamas. The reason why I picked this as my second project is because I had joy and fun doing it, out of the kindness out of my heart. 
I feel the holidays are about cherishing the times you get with your loved ones, but also enjoying giving back because that's what its all about. In all everyone is excited to see people cherish the gifts they couldn't get but have now. So I feel that whatever you put your mind to you should always have compassion and contribute to what you feel is best. Also years ago, my family and I did donations and giveaways for people in need on Christmas. So I felt it would be nice to do it out of my heart but keep the traditions going because I truly enjoyed it.
So what I decided to do for my second service project was to make a box filled with nice supplies and donating it for the Christmas drive. So last week my mom and I went out  and found some beautiful white towels, that I feel people would need to dry themselves in and use for whatever they feel, as well as nice slippers to wear that are very comfy nothing ever goes wrong with nice comfy slippers to wear so your feet are all nice and cozy. Lastly I got extra large pajamas for the men so at night they can wear it  to sleep in very comfy. Than I found a nice well box that fit everything in it. What I loved most was buying the items in all different types of stores. Personally I loved the shopping part because I love shopping but it felt good doing it for a good cause.
How it connects to my values is because I’m the type of individual to always think about others before I think about myself. So buy doing a little extra this year for people in need doesn’t define really who I am but the type of person I portray about helping others and our society. It shows that I’m a person with compassion into making it my duty to go out of my way and put smiles on peoples face. What I feel is most cool part about this project is knowing that the men having something wonderful to open on a special holiday. Holidays are about joy, and laughter and just being kind to others and that's what I feel this project values. It does connect with the values of who I am and I know that in the future I’ll keep the traditions going because that's what its really all about, and that's giving.
I personally feel the impact it might connect to the community is that everyone contributing to helping out. What is kind of of cool is when the holidays come around you can always tell a friend and have them join. When other people join it makes the project bigger and more worth an impact into the people in need because the more the better. It shows how cool we can do more for our community, and a lot of people really look past what goes on around our community and don't even care. I think that if we make it known for food drives, or donations drive, then more people would like to join and help out to give back. In this economy everything is very expensive and more and more people get into poverty, but its always the littlest thing. Nowadays, twice as more people start to lose everything because they can't afford it, or just the economy is so bad people now live on streets. So the giveaway donations can help veterans in supplies they can't get or in general anybody because its hard but that's when you have a helping hand to give back.
In all I thought this project was extremely fun because I got to buy nice supplies that are needed for people who don't have them, but now they do. Today was the day I dropped off all my belongings and box to my teacher’s office today so that in a week they'll be sent to the people, so they can have things to open on a very special holiday. It means very much to me in this project that I did this, it wasn't even about taking time out of my day, it was about taking the time to actually do something great and I had so much fun with my mother because it was a time of laughter and joy of doing it for an amazing cause. When we went to the stores it was fairly easy to pick out the items we needed for the project. My favorite part about donating the box of goodies to the people in need was, putting all the goodies all together and picking it up ready for it go in someone’s hand that needs it the most. They'll be so happy and very appreciative because they have things to open and can say that its theirs to keep. This project is was joy of experience because it shows that its my favorite holidays for the donations and giving back back making our community into a better place. In the project I learned that you can be a humble person, and lead up to showing others that you are making society around you into a positive place will show good character into yourself.