Sunday, December 24, 2017

DC: This gift could have given them hope that things will turn around and not to give up.


When autumn darkness falls, what we will remember are the small acts of kindness: a cake, a hug, an invitation to talk, and every single rose. These are all expressions of a nation coming together and caring about its people. This quote was spoken by the famous politician named Jens Stoltenberg. Based off this quote, it represents how everyone in this world can come together to unite as one to help others through the small things to help one get by in life.

 In class, we were assigned to have the opportunity to do this service project to help out homeless veterans in rough times of need.  I decided to go to Kohl’s and let items that spoke out to me that would give someone an opportunity to use items that would be beneficial. I bought 4 towels, 2 slippers, and 2 blankets. This connects to my core value as my parents always tell me to respect and give back to veterans. These people put their life on the line to go through hell and back. 

They spent hours and dedication to go through training, fight in combat, and do actions no one should have to do. They go through horrific situations just so American can live their life without having to worry where their freedom will be. So, since they put their life in danger for us then I can at least pay them with respect with resources to get back on their feet and thank you for what they have done.  My major is undecided as of right night, but I believe this project can influence my decision making to picking a major that could change, or help someone. 

When doing this assignment, it has impacted the veterans, the community, and myself. It impacts the veterans by saving their money on food, or other times that are necessary. It gives them protection to their feet, keep warm, and dry of excess water. Buying these items for veterans show a notable example for everyone in the community that they should join. It will motivate them that if a college student can donate some of their money and time to get them than so can everyone else. It should motivate the community to come together like what Jens Stoltenberg said and do a small act of kindness by helping the veterans out. This assignment has impacted myself as it was a learning experience. It helped me realize who I want to be as a person and set up an example to others. It is such an incredible feeling knowing you helped save ones life just by doing something small, but to them it means the world. 

I also learned words that I was able to relate to that defines my character when I give back to others. Selfless is when one does an act for another without the benefit of yourself. Doing this service project allows me to be selfless as I used my money on items for someone else to help them live. Humanitarian is when someone who helps people who live in very unpleasant conditions. These veterans went dropped everything, or even lost everything to help America. They couldve sold their house with everything in it such as clothes, shoes, personal belongings, furniture, etc.  Not everyone has a family, or friends that they can leave their stuff with, so they either donate, or sell those items. They then come back to having nothing which means they are now in an unpleasant condition to having nothing, or even someone. Outreach is when someone gives back before they even ask. 

The veterans shouldnt have to ask for help as they have done so much for us already. 

So, surprise them with a wonderful and giving gift. 

Make their day with a little surprise when they least expect a gift. 

There could be abundant amount of other adjectives that describe ones character by giving back ,but the point is that you as an individual have the ability to warm someones heart. 
You have no clue what is going on through their mind. This gift could have given them hope that things will turn around and not to give up. Life will get better and this could motivate them to get back on their feet. 

Thank you for this opportunity to allow me to grow as an individual, learn the meaning of giving back, save a life, make a day, and show others how one should act. Without this assignment, I wouldnt have realized how amazing life is and how much joy it is to give back to others. I hope you continue this project as it has grabbed people attention to be more selfless and give back.