Sunday, December 10, 2017

DC: I was raised by my lovely parents to give back to others

“We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that.” This quote was said by Ellen DeGenerous who is a caring, giving, and a compassionate person who shows carless kind of acts. She gives people hope through her inspirational words and giving back to her community through gifts. 

I can relate to this quote because I love the feeling of helping people out and doing selfless acts of kindness. When I went to go buy those items for the veterans, all I could think of was how I could impact their life by making one less problem for them to deal with such as looking for resources to live. Those men and women have gone through inexplicable horrors while in service and I am honored to buy these items to help their daily lives. 

Some veterans can not even leave their house because of the thoughts in their head holding them back. If I can help them out even a tiny bit then, I will feel great. This connects to my core values as I was raised by my lovely parents to give back to others when they are in desire need and to be grateful for the items I do have. My parents constantly tell me to put my feet in their shoes and if I was homeless with barley any resources wouldn’t I want help too. I would pray that someone generous enough could help me get back on my feet, or give me anything to help survive.
  My major at this moment is undecided, however, doing this opens my eyes to possibly picking a major that gives back to others as it has great benefits. I bought two pairs of slippers, four big towels, and two blankets which will impact veterans to have hope that things will get better and living will become easier through these resources. These items that I have bought may seem like nothing compare to middle class, but to these veterans it means the world to them. Two slippers allow these people to make sure their feet do not get cold and adds protection from the surrounding harmful object that could puncture, or even cause an illness through the germs on the ground. Four big towels give the veterans a chance to use them as towels like they are made to be used for drying one’s self off, or if they have limited resources they can use the four towels as pillows, turn into clothes, blanket, a rag, and anything their creative mind can imagine using. Two blankets can give them the opportunity to use them for sleeping, keeping thermal body temperature, and a form of self-protection as it swaddles the body for comfort. 
 Everyday ordinary people use these resources and do not even think about the consequences of getting them and not having them at one’s fingertips. Looking at the average day of a person in America, they have a routine in their life and these resources are being used. One wakes up from their bed to which they used a blanket to keep warm through the night. Then one puts on slippers to keep their feet at the body temperature to which they reached in the bed which allows one a comfort instead of being discomforted by the cold hash floor. Not only does it sustain one’s temperature, but it protects the vulnerable foot from potential harm such as a little brothers Legos left on the floor, or glass that was broken from a glass you broke last night and didn’t pick up all the shattered glass. You eventually make it to the bathroom where you freshen up for the day full of activities and interacting with other people. You know you have a big day where you will be in an environment filled with human beings, so you decide to take a shower to be cleaned. Once you take a shower, you get out where one will grab a towel to dry off the excess water that remained one your body. Not only do you use it to get rid of all the excess water, but you also increase your body temperature back to a normal body temperature. When you get out of the shower your body is used to the warm temperature, so when you come out of the shower your body decreases its temperature as it does not have the steaming water on your body to an average air condition or even frigid air. The towel will add some heat to the body to reach an average body temperature, so you are not cold. 
Now imagine a life where you didn’t have these specific items. 
You don’t have slippers, towels, or even blankets. You would be surprised how much you depend and would miss these items. Thank you for all that you do veterans!