Sunday, December 10, 2017

D: I think once you are remembered by someone you helped out or given back to is the coolest feeling ever.

AMH2020 student

“Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”
-Thomas Jefferson
That's the quote I picked was Thomas Jefferson quote, because I felt as if it defined me and the person I am. The service project I proposed was to define who I portray I am and where I come from. Growing up my family and I always went to Christmas drives and gave back to people in need. The purpose of me choosing the dinner for the veterans was to show that I’m the capable of giving back to others. I feel that in the quote of Thomas Jefferson really introduces how I feel in this society what we should do to give back and be capable of lending a hand when someone need help. I feel that I’m a better person when doing good for the community & giving people more than receiving for myself because that's a gift to me in reality. In the service project I picked it was a wonderful feeling seeing beautiful smiles on the veterans faces with the joy eating a nice cooked meal. That little things can make a whole difference in someone’s day.
What I chose to do for my service project is apply myself to the veteran’s dinner. I chose the veterans dinner because I liked the idea of cooking and baking for people in need. So what I decided to make was twenty- four delicious cupcakes. The cupcakes were vanilla and chocolate with vanilla cream and rainbow sprinkles. Before you know it I headed to a small village with yellow and greenish buildings and as you drive in, you see an amount of veterans in their community all together as if there one big family. Once I decided to meet my history teacher Mrs. Soldani, I noticed the kitchen was a very farewell size and a bunch of delicious foods were lined up ready to be served. My food was in the desert section and once I was ready to serve I seen the humble veterans in line waiting patiently for the food. Once I was there I spoke to some of them and they were so grateful and thankful it just made my heart melt. Although veterans couldn't speak for so long it was pure of the seeing them satisfied with what my classmates and I brought for them that night. I couldn't have picked a better service project because it was just great seeing the veterans having a nice home cooked meal and being able to witness the night of their pure faces with a smile.
It connects to my values as a person because I feel that everyone has good in them. I feel that I see myself having values of kindness, purity and leadership which means to me is becoming a hard working person who is humble and leads people into doing the right, but good things in life. Although my values are meaningful to me they all relate to this service project, because I feel that the service project makes you truly think in what you value in your life and what you have because it means more than what you think. A lot of people around the world would be grateful to have what we have everyday. It saddens me knowing that not a lot of people realize that this comes in so many dangerous aspects in the world and have so many poverty countries where people die everyday of hunger and much more. Sometimes I wish that we can always do more for everyone who needs help. This project connects to me because it values the smallest things into a bigger and better way of helping people.
I feel the impact it might have on someone is a big difference because it shows the values of what it truly means to people in need. You can always make a difference in someone’s life by doing anything like opening the door, helping out at the shelter, giving food to homeless people on the sidewalks who are hungry. Once someone actually sees the benefits of doing good for people they would feel better about themselves but knowing the little bit they did for our society and the people around it was a difference. It kind of melts your heart and shows that you’re a great person because your putting yourself before others. That's how we should all think in moments like this and putting what we do for ourselves like buying this and that, but putting it to the side for people who might actually need things and such.
Throughout this whole experience in the service project I had fun time collaborating with the veterans and making a difference in the community around me. In all I will start participating in further up coming events that I can volunteer at because I do enjoy my time helping out and seeing people’s reaction to the little things. That's really what this whole service project is about giving back but understanding what the values mean to you as a person. In all I’m a better person with a mentality and that has a different view on life. The quote I feel is a resemblance to me and where I can take that in life and show others. This a well driven project and my favorite part about it was baking cupcakes knowing it’ll be eaten and very much gone because of how much the veterans appreciate the food. I also won’t forget some of the veterans faces that I seen a couple of times who remembered me. I think once you are remembered by someone you helped out or given back to is the coolest feeling ever. I feel that you know you done something right for the first time because you wanted to not because you had to but, bring the good in people. That's why I picked the veterans dinner because that's one of the  places I won’t ever forget.