Sunday, December 24, 2017

AG: It is more important to be a service-oriented person who tries to help others, than just a smart person who is good at what they do

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” - Douglas Adams
            For my second service project, I sent an additional box to the soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan. I decided to do two of the same service projects because I thought it would be more meaningful to continue sending items the soldiers requested, instead of switching to an entirely new project with new people. By sending an additional box, I hope it showed the soldiers that it wasn’t just a one-time spur of the moment thing, and that people here at home are still thinking of them.
            My core value was revealed as loyalty, and that fits well with choosing two of the same service project. I preferred to stay loyal to this one group of people by sending them another box, instead of choosing to help a new group of people. Hopefully they enjoyed receiving a second box from the same person with more of the things they requested.
            My second major is Economics, and this service project ties into that due to the nature of shipping items. First the items had to be created and sent to a store, then bought by me, and shipped across the world before finally reaching the soldiers they were intended for. Something designed to help people across the world has also helped multiple other groups of people along the way in a small way. The manufacturers and store made money from the sale of the items, allowing them to continue paying their employees. The post office made money from the price of shipping the box, allowing the government workers to keep their benefits. The airline pilots who flew the packages to Afghanistan still have jobs because people ship things there, and the postal clerks in Afghanistan who sorted and delivered the mail were affected by it as well. Such a seemingly small gesture like mailing a package can have unintended small positive benefits for many people.
            I hope that this second service project had a positive impact on the soldiers in Afghanistan by showing them they are cared about enough for the same person they have never met to continue sending them the items they requested. If every class at Tallahassee Community College had a service project component to it, the community would be able to help many people each semester, and it would probably inspire students to continue serving others for years, even after they have graduated.
            Although education is the main focus of college, it is also very important to teach students the value of helping other people. In my opinion, it is more important to be a service-oriented person who tries to help others, than just a smart person who is good at what they do but does not try to use their talents to help those who may benefit from their skills.

            The service projects associated with this class were a great way to show students that they are already capable of helping other people, and there are small but significant ways they are able to contribute to the well-being of others whenever they want to, such as sending a box across the world or volunteering to help feed the homeless. I have attached a picture of the second box I sent to Afghanistan to the last page of this essay, and I will bring the tracking receipt to class on the day of the final exam for this one as well.