Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A: To give real service you must add something , and I did I put my heart into my service made the most of every moment.

AMH2020 student

“ To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money , and that is sincerity and integrity.” Douglas Adams

Throughout October I had the opportunity to help with a free sports camp for younger kids football, basketball, soccer, baseball etc. Honestly it was great the camp was made for the less fortunate kids that couldn’t play little league or on travel teams because parents couldn’t afford it. I didn’t know until one of my former coaches told me. It was fun getting to show and help the young kids. Getting to talk to them and pass down knowledge and also getting to help them become better at their sport.
            The camp was really a good experience I played basketball and football in high school so that is mostly what I helped with. We ran drills did some scrimmages had snacks shared laughs it was just a great time. The kids were very competitive, there was a mix of boys and girls. I taught the kids a lot about how to eat healthy and drink a lot of water and how to stay in shape. They asked questions about playing high school basketball and football. When I was a kid I looked up to the high school athletes back then I thought they were like college players. So the group of kids I was working with really looked up to me. I wanted to really help these kids out because they really do love the sports and they want to play. All they need is motivation and some direction. That’s why the camp was created. All the kids I worked with already have talent they just need that extra push and some help on how they should use their talents. For basketball we worked on good form jump shots layups, and passing. For football we focused on catching, taking good angles, and running routes. I did the drills in ways that would be fun and exciting and make the kids enjoy the drills and have fun. That’s why I think the kids enjoyed the camp most of this stuff we did the kids haven’t seen because they can’t play in leagues or on teams. It was a lot of fun for them it was for me too I did the drills and played the games with them. Some of the kids would really express to me how much fun they were having. That really made me smile.
            I wanted to put my all into this camp because the kids were great , but also because these kids were less fortunate they can’t go to these overly expensive camps or play in these expensive leagues or travel teams. Also hearing from the higher ups in the camp some of these kids stories and things they have went through really made me want to go that much harder. It made me want to go the extra mile not only wanting to coach these kids but be someone they could talk to someone they could ask for help. I wanted to help them out in any way I possibly could. Seeing the kids smile really made me feel good inside ,because I knew they were really having a good time. We did things outside of sports during breaks dance contest, rap battles, and cracked some jokes it was really tons of fun.
            At the end of the camp we were going to have different events for each sport. We wanted to play real games so the kids could see what it felt like to play an organized game with a coach, fans, and referee. I wanted to do a little extra to really make them feel good about all the hard work they have put into the camp. A couple of the other coaches and helpers got together to get some metals made for the kids. I also called a couple former teammates and asked if they had any old gear or equipment they wouldn’t mind donating to the kids. We actually ended up with more than enough stuff for everyone. I wanted it all to be a surprise for the kids because they worked so hard and did so good. We had shoes, cleats, gloves, jerseys, wristbands, headbands, socks we had it all. I couldn’t wait to surprise them.
            The last day of the camp comes and we are having a lot of different events for the kids taking pictures. We are getting ready for game time I coached for basketball and football ,but everybody that did basketball did football as well. So in our last game the kids did a great job and won and at the end of the game being able to give every kid a shirt and a metal was a great feeling. We let the kids pick out the goodies we got from donations and every kid came and gave me a hug and said thanks coach. That moment was so great that it started to make my eyes water but I had to dry them because real ones don’t cry. That was the absolute best and then parents came up to me thanking me for helping their kid really was amazing. I felt like I made a bond with the kids not like a coach but like an older brother.
            I have always loved to give back but being able to do it for the kids in my community made the feeling even greater. Those kids really changed my life I had so much fun with them. I will definitely continue to do it every year. I might even start my own team. To give real service you must add something , and I did I put my heart into my service made the most of every moment. Something that cannot be bought or measured. I really put thought into the camp making things fun and entertaining for the kids. “Sincerity and Integrity” I tried to make the most of every moment and opportunity I had with the kids and had a great time doing it I will most definitely be back.