Sunday, November 12, 2017

Spooked Part 2: Bless My Heart

Spooked: A Halloween Story

Part 2: Bless My Heart

Sometimes Mia does weird things.   

The other day while walking our normal route, Mia saw a couple out for their evening stroll walking uphill towards the part of the neighborhood we had just left.  I tried to get Mia to walk forward and keep going but she froze, turned, and then busted ass at a pace that kept us about 50 feet ahead of the couple who had been walking our way.  I can’t even imagine how rude this must look (bless my heart), and I’m thankful when Mia finally pauses and lets the couple pass us. I don’t know whether to apologize or explain so I do neither and pretend to fiddle with my headphones.

Tonight, at dusk on Halloween, Mia did something she has never done. At the point of the path where it turns down a hill and goes into scrub before popping up 50 yards later, she freezes.

I tug the harness gentle. Let’s go. Let’s go.  I might have commented on how it was getting dark and we needed to get home, or I might have just thought that very loudly.  Either way, she completely refused to walk forward with me along a path she’s walked 50 times before.

For a moment I remember it is Halloween and maybe there are spirits.

But nah, right?

The sky is mostly inky blue with some last lingering orange from the sunset.  I’m thinking we have 10 minutes to get home before it is dark.

A sudden chill blasts across us from the hill and I begrudgingly put on the black jacket I brought with no intentions to wear.

Undeterred, I push forward. Let’s go Mia, let’s get this done!

She stares ahead, wincing, pulling back on the harness.

It’s ok! Come on!

She pulls back. No way.

Let’s go, it’s OK!

I tug a little more on the harness that goes across her chest and under her arms and behind her armpits.

She leans back. No way.

The darkness is coming faster than I expected. 

I feel woefully unprepared to walk in the dark through trick or treaters and traffic wearing black, so I pull her again, come on! Let’s just go!

She leans back and in one swift movement collapses herself in a way that miraculously pulls the harness over her arms and neck and head and disappeared into the Halloween sunset. (continued)