Saturday, November 25, 2017

Rising Up Quietly

I refuse to stop researching, it is my bliss.  

I  hope one day to have a job where research and writing is rewarded and expected. 

Oh wait. Yay. Check that off my list.   

I keep researching until my neck is twisted and my back hurts. 

If I lower my desk chair to the lowest setting then my mechanics are perfect and it all feels great, but I've noticed that if I get up for longer than an hour the chair rises up quietly back to the highest setting, the one that makes my shoulders ache.  

I can't blame the chair but really it is failing at the basic things we  ask chairs to do.

I figured this out and I know to not trust my chair to just do what I ask it to do.  Each time I get up to stretch and walk (and take Zoe to the mall), I know to check the level when I sit back down and lower the chair again. 

 I say "bad chair" but I also know it is the nature of things to rise up, so just work around it. 

Today’s treasure pile is huge and also neatly filed on my desktop because I have started renaming screenshots after saving them.  When I started computering in the 80s we couldn’t create long interesting file names so this is a new thing for me  

 I am making files comparing where all of Mama Rosie's grandparents were in the 1870s (St. Mary's Street, Tchopitoulas, 10th and 11th Wards) and where she was born and where they were buried.

 I am secretly planning a tour of New Orleans much like my tours in Cuba, and also probably a tour of Louisiana to include the rest of my father's ancestry.

Let me be honest. I went to college in New Orleans at Loyola and didn't have any idea how deeply my family's history was intertwined with the streets I walked on. 

The deepest most memorable feeling I had in New Orleans was that I needed to get out of there, that my destiny was elsewhere.  The push was unmistakable and unavoidable. 

I wonder if that impulse to move and keep moving isn't wired into me from both sides of my family, generations of people pushed here and there (TO NEW ORLEANS!!!!)  by famine, persecution, war and revolution.  

I want to make a map of everywhere my ancestors have lived in Louisiana since the 1750s and visit every single place.  

Maybe this is too much, but maybe this is what I've been waiting to do. 

My most favorite file title is the culmination of today’s research question: How Irish was my father’s mother, Mama Rosie?   

Here is your answer, enjoy ---    I have to get back to research!!!