Monday, November 6, 2017

AMH 2020 Exam #3 Study Guide

Terms in BOLD are ID terms for the Exam: The BLUE terms (and cue questions etc) indicate information that that I expect to read about in relevant answers, but will not be ID terms.

Double V Campaign,Hitler AND Jim Crow”

Exec. Order #9066

Tehran Conference, Operation Overlord, D-Day, Yalta Conference
Potsdam Conference, Potsdam Ultimatum, Hiroshima, Nagasaki

Why did the USSR declare war on Japan?

UN Security Council Permanent Members

WW2 Deaths

The Iron Curtain Speech, The Long Telegram, “Containment”, Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan

Operation Crossroads, How the “Bikini” got its name

Berlin Blockade, Berlin Airlift, Operation Vittles / “Berlin Candy Drop

M.A.D. , N.A.T.O.

How did  the Korean War become UN War?

How does the Korean War start? How/when does it end?

How does Batista come into power? How does Castro come into power?

How does the Cold War shape the Cuban Revolution?
"History will absolve me” July 26, 1953, Urban Reform Laws

Bay of Pigs, Operation Mongoose, Cuban Missile Crisis, Operation Pedro Pan, Elian Gonzalez

The GI Bill 1944, Nuclear Family, Baby Boom, “How to be a Woman”

Women and work 1950s & 1960s

Brown vs Board of Education Doll Study NAACP, Southern Manifesto, Little Rock 9

Rosa Parks, Rolling Segregation, Montgomery Bus Boycott

Civil Rights Act 1964, Voting Rights Act 1965

“The Problem that Has No Name”  The Feminine Mystique

“a young woman who swallowed a lie….”