Saturday, August 26, 2017

No clue. After 1880s?

Pretest Question #4: What country did the US win our independence from? When?   

62/150 students did not know the answer to this question.

 I have many theories on why they are lost, but that's for another time.

Here you go:

Africa; I have no idea
Bahamas, after a war
Britain, 1400s
Britain, 1500s
Britain, 1500s
Britain, 1530
Britain, 1600s
Britain, 1668
Britain, 1868
Britain, 1976
Britain, 1970s
Britain, before George Washington’s time
Britain, during WW2
Britain, in the 1900s
Brittain, 1862
Brittin, before 1900
China, 1900s
Colombia, July 4
Cuba 1854
Cuba, 1800ish
England, 1600s
England, 1650s
England, 1840something
England, 1856
England, 1875
England, 1890
England, 1400
England, 1400s
England, 1700
England, 1800? Time is an illusion, not linear
England, 1800s
England, 1840s
England, 1850s
England, during the Hamilton era
Europe, before the wars
Europe during the 1800s and 1900s
Europe, 1762?
France, 1700s
France, 1800s
France, before I was born
France, July 4, 1752
France, mid 1700s
German, before the 1850s
Germany, 1824
Germany, 1800
Germany, during the 1900s
Great Britain in the 1900s
Great Britain, 1800s
Great Britain, after 1400
Mexico, after the Civil War
New England, 1776
No clue. After 1880s?
North Korea
Russia, 1794
Spain, 1840
Spain, after 1700s
USA, 1901