Saturday, August 26, 2017

Haiti is near Cuba OR they are near France

I asked my World Civ class a question I have never asked in a pretest before: Where is Haiti?

Here is *all* of their answers, sorted alphabetically:

An island off the southeast coast of Florida. 
Borders Jamaica in the Caribbean. 
Caribbean Island; it’s capital is Port a Prince. 
Next to Cuba. 
Haiti is a small island between Santo Domingo. 
Haiti is an island below Florida, off the coast of South America. 
Haiti is close to Guatamala 
Haiti is in South America. 
Haiti is located in South Africa 
Haiti is near Cuba OR they are near France because they speak Frenchish. 
Haiti is on an island which it shares with Dominican Republic. 
Haiti is on an island 
Haiti is on the east coast of South America. 
Haiti is right next to Jordan in the Middle East. 
Haiti is south of Florida, in the Virgin Islands 
I never hear about Haiti, but I guess it’s in Mexico. 
I think it’s on the border of Europe. 
In the Atlantic Ocean somewhere. 
In the Caribbean. 
Island near Africa 
It is an island in/near Caribbean. 
It is near Europe And Africa. 
It’s next to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. 
It’s one of the islands in the Caribbean. 
Middle of Nowhere. 
Next to Dominican Republic (Hispanola).  
 In the Caribbean. 
Next to Honduras. 
On an island that connects with Dominican Republic. 
On the island of Hispaniola, between Cuba and Puerto Rico. 
Same island as the Dominican Republic. San Salvador? 
Shares an island with the Dominican Republic. Caribbean. 
South of the US.
On an island. By Jamaica? 
The other half of Costa Rica or Jamaica