Saturday, August 26, 2017

Beyonce Shania Octomom Kardashian

Question #19: Who is this? What do you know about her? 

I was surprised at how many students answered this correctly. 
Here are the rest of the responses.

Ms Puffyhair
Kelly Clarkson
Jessica Simpson
Dianna Ross
Chloe Kardashian
Jessica White
Demi Lovato
Pretty Lady
Actor Lady
Kasey Anthony
Gina Mallarky
Rebecca Black
One of the Kardashians
She’s a Kardashian
Mary Ann France
Kardashian? Has a sex tape?
She did something really great for America
Leah Remini
Mariah Carey
Beyonce (Singer)
Jennifer Star
Jane Smith
Mellissa; had an affair with JFK
Elizabeth Short
? She killed someone?
Avril Lavine; she was fat shamed
Kassandra Banks
Paulie Taylor
Sabine Whosne
Famous Actress
Optimus Prime
Megan Fox
Shania Twayne
Kelly Smith
Anne Hathaway
Serena Fox
Shania Twain
Jodee Messina
She’s in a soap opera!
Marie Ray
The main girl from scream
Rachel Ray, Food Network Star
Jessica White
Julia Jackson
Looks like Kim Kardashian
Cheryl Crow
Secret Kardashian
My wife, jk, you said these were from the 90s so it can’t be her.
Demi Lovato
Robin from how I met your mother
She robbed someone
Female model who made a big mark in the USA
Rachel, CNN Anchorwoman
Models for magazines
Claire, from women’s rights movement
Lisa; she jumped out a building
Rebecca Black; got pregnant
Julia; a famous feminist