Sunday, July 9, 2017

Summer School 25: Enter the Laughing Yoga Frog

Put me down as the first author in history to be surprised by the ending of her own book. Because so much of Marvin's Book was written through sobs and tears, I just wanted to be done with it and hope for whatever blessings came after finishing this crucible.

 I finished the final edits in time for my publisher to publish the book on 11/11/2011 and haven't read a single word of the book since then.    I haven't been the kind of person to give out or promote copies of my book (except when I had two book signings and they both sold out and actually it was pretty fun) so when my publisher decided to not continue our contract for Marvin's Book I just let the book sit quietly until I could face it again because in my heart  the stories were too close, too precious.

And now I know I was lying to myself.

The reason I couldn't promote the book was because it wasn't finished and somehow I knew that because yesterday I  read:
In Fall 2011, David Lowe returned to TCC campus to take the last classes he needed to complete his degree.
Marvin’s book has a happy ending—as happy of an ending I can give it now, from my viewpoint now and here. 
Maybe in a few years I’ll revise this story and add an even happier ending. 
History is like that, you know.
WHAT? MAYBE I'll give it a happier ending? Maybe? 

Of course I will.  Yes, I will.

 Now that I know what unfolded after Marvin's Book, I know exactly where and how to give this book a happier ending, and it starts with a story about a yoga frog and goes up and over and into Veterans Village.

Trust me?


Here we go.

Prayer of the Laughing Yoga Frog 


The world is a perfect place, created by a perfect creator whose imagination is still unfolding. 

Each bit of creation from the perfect creator is also perfect, both a piece in itself and also part of a whole.

Into that cascading fountain of awesomeness appeared things like corn and Cuba and artists like Brito and Billiards players like my father, each worthy of a story of their own.

This particular story is about a professor and her magical Laughing Yoga Frog.

When God imagined this particular professor she decided to place her with happy people who would let her learn how to fall in love with reading and stories and breakfast foods and generosity and the beach and Cuba. 

 Much much further down the list in things that God created this professor to take delight in was “cooking” and other “kitchen” things.    

One day while waiting in the giftshop of Cracker Barrel the professor passed a long line of garden decoration frogs.  

The first frog was fat and lumpy and awkward.

The next frog was sneaky looking.

The third frog was love at first sight....


The professor stood frozen in her orange sherbet long dress in front of a small statue of dark green frog standing in perfectly balanced Tree Pose with her hands folded in front of her heart in prayer while her entire head was thrown up to the sky in a broad laughing smile.

DELIGHTFUL! The professor proclaimed out loud, startling a chubby woman who was holding up a package of off-label gummy worms in a patriotic Halloween package.

I love it, she said again, under her breath, patted the statue twice, rubbed its stomach and quickly walked away when her name was called over the loud speaker.

After eating her eggs and such and rounding up children and other normal lunch things she went back to the gift shop and stared at the frog again.

It was like meeting an old friend, a new friend, a friend she had been waiting for.  Seeing it made her smile, laugh, shake her head. 

Again she said,  Delightful!, this time only in her heart, in the place where you know if something or someone fits like a key or not. 

 This was love -- frog love -- immediate and perfect. 

And because she loved the frog so much, and because the professor was so damn wise, she turned right on her heels and walked right out of Cracker Barrel, past the wind chimes and rocking chairs and awkwardly parked 4 door Buicks. 

The professor didn't stop until she got safely in her car, strapped herself in and drove away as fast as she could.

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