Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer School 2: Turn the Page

(from June 2017)

Mr. D* told me he was homeless on the Wednesday of the third week of classes.

 I asked if he needed anything and he nodded and said yes he needs everything.

I went up to my office and gathered a bag from the odds and ends left from donations for the veterans. A new pillow, still wrapped in plastic. A large fluffy white towel. A package of white tube socks.  Three cans of soda.

I race back to the room just before class is supposed to start and drop the bag under his desk on my way to the computer.

 Although he hasn't taken notes since the 1970s and is still recovering from a stroke that has partially paralyzed his left side,  Mr. D* does his best to take notes as I lecture in my normal breakneck speed.  

When Mr. D* fills his page and starts writing notes up the side margins, I stop lecture and turn the page in his notebook for him.  

 If any student noticed anything, they didn't say a word.

In the middle of my second lecture that day I remember a student telling me he was a youth minister and I ask him to stay after class to see if his church helps the homeless.  He puts in a call and sends me phone number later.

 The universe is a great place, full of people who want to help each other. I just know it.

That night I packed a backpack full of things for Mr. D*  and brought it to class, but Mr. D* was nowhere to be found on Thursday or Friday.