Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Today I asked my students: What is the Comey Hearing?

When I wrote my summer syllabus I decided to include daily writing exercises to help me evaluate, encourage and mentally exhaust my dear students. 

Sometimes the daily writing is based on lecture, sometimes I ask them to explain a political cartoon, and sometimes I go rogue and ask them to give me their best answer on something I haven't taught them.

A few classes ago, on the day that I taught the 1820 Missouri Compromise, I asked students to tell me how they thought the Civil War began.  They groaned and moaned (except for That Guy In The Front Who Blurted The Answer Out) and I told them to TRY.    Their answers were all over the place, and I can now see that some students genuinely don't even know WHAT the Civil War even was (one of them will be quite disappointed when China doesn't show up and help "the colonies").  I will type those answers up for you. Soon.

Today I went rogue again and asked them to please try to explain to me what they each thought the Comey Hearing was going to be about. 

Many of them groaned (except for That Guy In The Front Who Blurted The Answer Out, AGAIN) and AGAIN I told them TRY.

I am typing up all the responses for you now -- there will be about 60.