Friday, June 16, 2017

Summer School 10: We can send that out to the universe and see what happens*

I pretty much cried on and off until the end of office hours and my Bobbi Brown eyeliner did not smudge one bit at all. Debbie would laugh at that.  One last student brings their service project and a a warm hug.  After that I really need to go to Target.

Tears keep coming while I drive across time but I sniff them away and soon enough I'm at Target thinking of things I didn't write earlier.

This morning over breakfast Mr. D* told me that his new apartment that he should hopefully be getting next Wednesday has a bed, but no sheets or anything.

I told him to not worry about that, worry about his Final Exam on Wednesday, and he laughed because he really IS worried about his Final Exam on Wednesday because he really is a college student through all the rest of this other stuff.

Then he said he was getting a new laptop and I thought he asked ME for a laptop and I was like, "OK we can send that out to the universe and see what happens," but no, he was telling me that one was coming his way.

 I clapped my hands and Mr. D* ate another piece of the bacon that he needs to finish so that there is food in his stomach and he can finally take the whole battery of medicine that he needs to take several times a day.  A vocational rehab organization will be bringing Mr. D* a laptop, and when that happens I'll let you guys know if they also help him figure out navigating the online world.

Over the past years, I saw Debbie at Target more than I saw her on campus.

Always happy to see each other, we chatted over the t-shirts and giggled by the wine and coffee.

I see Debbie in the corner of my eye, it's someone with her haircut.  
I see Debbie in the flat grey shoes that walk by me.

Now that I have been told I won't see her again, I see Debbie everywhere.