Sunday, May 21, 2017

Was Canada “Canada” yet?: Questions from AMH 2010

AMH 2010 Exam #1 is Monday May 22 in class. 125 Points
Format: 5 groups of 4 terms @ 5points each + “Together this shows” section = 5 x 25 = 125

Note* I am currently locked out of all my work sites (Canvas, email) and probably will be locked out until the tech help desk opens Monday morning at 8:30. 
In class on Friday I asked my students to let me know what questions they wanted me to answer before Exam #1. 
Here they are. 

I didn’t understand what fights were going on in 1776.
Lectures for Exam #1 end with the Declaration, I didn’t cover the Revolutionary War yet!

Can you give me the answers?
I haven’t even written the exam yet!!!

How did Squanto and Samoset escape slavery?
That’s a missing piece of history. If they told anyone, no one seems to have written it down.

Are there going to be multiple choice? How many short answers?
Can you imagine what kind of crazy multiple choice questions we would have from my lectures? Better that I just let you write things out and explain them.  Each of the 5 big questions has 5 smaller parts, so 25 short answers ;-)

When are the dates for the last volunteer days?
June 1, June 15

 Clarify what is happening with Spain and France during this time period.
There will be no question the exam regarding French-Spanish relations ;-)

Who are the Cajuns? And why do they interfere with American history?
They are French who leave Acadiana in current-day Canada and come to Louisiana after the French lose the 7 Years War.

What’s your favorite part of this section?
The look on King Henry’s face when Anne Boleyn has a daughter instead of a son!

Can you explain Brown Gold? Please?
Tobacco. Jamestown. Hugely profitable. They never found “regular gold”
What is City on a Hill again?
A speech in early Mass. Bay by John Winthrop:

What exactly happens after the Declaration of Independence?
I haven’t gotten there yet.

Tie Mercantilism and Deism.
Mercantilism is an economic system of empire, mother country colonies, colonies, and is based on the monarch/ruler have absolute power, usually associated with Divine Right.
Deism is a new way of looking at the creator and deity as a brilliant rational lawmaker and creator that came from the Enlightenment and challenges the ideas of Divine Right.

Why didn’t they just buy the tea and throw it out at home? Why did they throw it off the boat? Because the money would go to pay colonial governors that they didn’t elect and didn’t want.

Can you explain more about Spain and England BEFORE Ferdinand and Isabella got married?
This is a trick question! There was no country called Spain before Ferdinand and Isabella got married.

Will there be multiple choice-like questions?
No, there will not be any of those.

Is the test strictly writing the notes from the first day?
No. Writing your notes up is 75 points, and this is a different 125 points. Together they are 200 points, 20% of your course grade. Yes, summer school goes super fast.

Are the tests going to be like classwork?
Very much! If you’ve been doing well, do the same! If you haven’t been scoring full points, write more details and give more specifics.

Will we be graded on spelling/punctuation?
Gently teased, perhaps, but I wouldn’t mark off spelling a few things wrong (ex: many students write “Quackers” instead of “Quakers” and I just leave it alone…) When in doubt just use your bad handwriting for a few letters ;-)

What should we focus on studying most?
Being able to connect the pieces together.  As you study ask yourself, out of everything that happened in those 100 years, why did she give us THIS piece of info? How does it move the story forward?

How did Spain start the war with England?
Sending the Spanish Armada. 

Was Canada “Canada” yet? Were they getting these taxes imposed on them too? If so, why were they cool with it?
Nope, Canada wasn’t Canada yet.

Are all the questions on the exam in essay form?
They are in 5 pieces each, you won’t be writing long-form essays.

What is mercantilism?

Where does Deism fit in this story?
Part of the Enlightenment ideas that challenge ideas about Divine Right ;-)

How was England feeling about King George being crazy? Did they notice?

What exactly was the Holy Experiment?


Lasseiz Faire?
Adam Smith’s economic theory that the economy is ruled by natural forces and the king/country should keep their hands off controlling things like supply, demand and prices; part of the Enlightenment

Pocahontas marries John Rolfe, goes to England, becomes Christian, and takes a  new name. Then she dies.

I love your lectures.
I love my new students. Can you believe we are 1/3 through?

How should I study? Is it multiple choice?
Writing that narrative should force you to study! No multiple choice; you need to know the material well enough to explain it.

How do you grade the test? Strictly?                 
I look to see if you cover the most important and relevant points in your answers.  I give partial credit for answers that are correct but miss crucial pieces of info.

What is the main point of the Treaty of Tordesillas?
The Pope splitting the world between 2 (and only 2) nations to go out and spread religion is a big deal.  

How do the Townshend Acts affect the urban middle class?
The taxes were on things they would need to build houses and keep their businesses going.

What’s your favorite, captivating book?
Love in the Time of Cholera.

Explain Triangular Trade

What is the Social Contract?
Enlightenment idea about the nature of government; that we are born free and give up some rights to the government in exchange for protection. The people have a contract with the government with mutual obligations.

Can you explain more about Roanoke and Elizabeth?
She couldn’t have tried to plant a colony if England was Catholic. How did Spain respond?

What is a good dinner in Tallahassee for a casual date?
Maybe go to Thomasville? That looks fun.

What if I don’t write enough?
This is only 125 out of 1000 points in the course.

Do we really need to know dates on the test?
Not so much, but please please answer the IDs in the order I give them so that your answers make chronological sense!

Why didn’t colonies figure out how to communicate better, sooner?
Their business was more directly conducted with cities like London than each other.

Where do you think the Roanoke Colony went? Where are they now?

How did King George get his job and what is his lineage to the king before him?
George 1 -> George 2 --> George 3 (the crazy one) 

Explain the silk route.

On the test do you only ask three things?
No, there will be 5 questions with 5 parts each at 5 points each.

How were the Spanish and Indians not included in this, as it was their land as well?
Oh wait, we are about to cover westward expansion!

Since they were so far away, how long did it take for things to get to England?
About 6 weeks, depending on the season and the winds.

I’m still a little confused on the Enlightenment.

Please give us 30 more seconds when copying down a slide.
I don’t expect you to copy down quotes from slides; make sure you are hearing what I’m saying about the quote ;-)

I need for you to go over the Sugar Act.