Monday, May 29, 2017

T's project reminds us there is "so history yet to be made"

In life, a lot of things we do as Americans can really help change the world by doing something very simple for somebody who truly needs it. But as we grow older and older, you start to realize how to appreciate what you have and how you can make somebody life better. During the semester, I was indecisive about how I wanted to give back to the community because I did not want to put myself in harm’s way and one day, an inbox came through about giving back to the veterans and I thought it was the perfect idea. “There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made.” - Michelle Obama This quote is not only inspiring but it is very true also. It is so many different things to do in life, so many problems in the world that Americans can help solve even if it something so simple. So much history can be made in the world if a lot of people start realizing how important it is to give back to the world and other Americans around them.
            Growing up I never expected people lives to be bad or they ended up sleeping outside or in their cars wondering how they was going to survive. As I reached my high school years, I realized people are not as good as they appear to be. I did a lot of community service and did not realize why I was doing it or why it was beneficial to my life. One day, my teacher who was pushing me and the other students to do the community service opportunities finally told us why it was so important to us and why it actually can help someone in need even if we did not know them. I finally realized that people are struggling, people are needing help but others are not willing to help them.  Afterwards, I wondered how could people possibly be homeless. Sometimes jobs don’t have retire money for people, they don’t get hired, family or friends use others for their money and could leave them for nothing or any other circumstances. I always thought people lives were really put together and nobody was truly struggling. I was wrong.
            I started becoming indecisive about how I’m going to approach my service project because I did not want to put myself in harm’s way. Then on April 3, Professor Soldani brought to the class attention about service project ideas. Her idea about buying things to give to the veterans was a perfect idea. I went to Walmart and bought slippers, cleaning supplies, a towel and a reusable bag. I really enjoyed buying those things because I knew I made a difference in somebody life no matter how small or big it is. My dad is a veteran and sometimes it can be very hard for somebody who got out of the military get back on their feet after being so accustom to the military life. It becomes challenging for them and a lot of people tend to do appreciate the people that fought in multiple wars for us and sacrificed their life on a daily. I wanted to give back to them to show that I care for the people willing to do that every day while signing a will at such an early age.

            There’s no better feeling than to know you did something great for somebody in the world who really appreciates it. I took one long look at both myself and the homeless people in the world. Anybody who isn’t homeless should appreciate the things that they have because they never know what situation they can be put in and how fast things can be taken away from them. Being able to make a change in somebody life was something I would do over and over again. Giving back to the community gives people an indescribable feeling and seeing people smiling with giving endless amount of thank you. I wish people would be able to give back to the community and a lot of homeless people would be able get back on their feet. I really feel like if a lot of homeless people get back on the right track in life, they will help other homeless people start their life over and make a better living for themselves just like somebody helped them do. Making a small change in the community can make a huge difference and I’m grateful enough to experience it and be a part of it.