Monday, May 29, 2017

T: The biggest reason why I did this service project is because I'm a very blessed individual

“The wise man does not lay up his own treasures. The more he gives to others, the more he has for his own.” 
― Lao Tzu

                        The biggest reason why I did this service project is because I'm a very blessed individual. I was gifted with being able to do what ever I want and being able to get what I want. The reason why I did this was to show no just others that people still care for people who society recognizes as “lower” then the average person. I want to show these veterans that people still care about them and appreciate what they have done for us.
                        I personally would not have the courage to go into a war zone. So what these men and women did to project our country is very courageous and they should be treated just as well as everyone else, not just forgotten, tossed aside and left in the dirt. In this country we do not treat our returning military men and women right. So by going out and getting them simple living tools, is without a doubt a good thing I can provide for them.
                        Its truly sad, that these amazing people who gave up so much are given so little when they come back to the states. Im not saying they can do things for themselves, but when they went off they probably didn’t expect to come back and have nothing, and be given hardly any help. It truly makes me happy to help people who need it. I would much from go out and buy them items they need to make living easier, then living my life knowing I was given a great opportunity and watched it pass by.
                        My parents always tell me to help people who need it. And it truly makes me feel amazing to know the people receiving these items will love them, and actually need them. When I went to the store looking at what to get for them, I wish I could buy them everything and anything they wanted. These people deserve to be treated the very best, they deserve to get anything they want for sacrificing their lives to serve and protect ours.
                        But I truly do hope when they receive the items I have bought for them, I hope they appreciate it and know they are people in this world who do care and want to help them out. Im not doing this because I was told too, im not doing this because anyone is forcing me. Im doing this because its the right thing to do. Everyone should want to help out each other, us, Americans, human beings in general just want to help out our fellow neighbors in times where they need it the most. We shouldn’t turn our other cheek to them we should embrace them with open arms.
                        Im going to start getting my family into giving back to the community. We spend a lot of money on things we really do not need, so like once a month I want my parents and my self to go out and donate household tools to help people who can’t afford it them selves. Getting more and more people to do it will show these lovely people that we still care, and appreciate them. And hopefully sometime down the road It will become a normal thing to go out and help.
                        It’s one thing to do it during the holidays, that’s nice and all, but its truly a great feeling when you go out of your way on a regular basis to help people. And if you are a person who believes in good karma, this is one way to instantly get good karma. And if for nothing else, to make yourself proud of what you have done, and it would be good on a resume. I for one love helping out the community, and without a shred of doubt will do this again.  Just hopefully next time it wont need an essay to go with it! But in all honesty it makes my day better knowing I just helped a family in need. And knowing that it made their life easier is a wonderful feeling that everyone should feel in their life time.

                        This is something I will definitely make my kids do when im older. To teach them the value of caring for people less fortunate. Just like my parents did with me.