Monday, May 29, 2017

RV volunteered at the Kearny Center: "These people were optimistic and caring and they truly deserve more."

            We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that. - Ellen DeGeneres
 I really like this quote because it relates to my service project that I did. I know originally I said I was going to try to start a community garden but I found that to be very challenging. So I starting looking at more options to do my services at. I found a homeless shelter very close to TCC it's called the Kearny Center and its purpose is to provide the basic living needs to each and every individual that walks through its doors.
I started volunteering there April 24th going 3 times a week and working in the mens wing for 2 hours and 15 minutes each visit. I worked with a man by the name Mr. Peter and he was very nice and made me enjoy what I was doing. My duties were to help individuals with whatever they needed like giving them a towel and soap for the shower or a blanket for their beds. Giving these people even the smallest things would make them smile. I would see the same people a lot and everyday they would get more comfortable with me. People that lived there would tell me “You're an amazing person” and “Bless your heart”. It made me feel really good. I've always loved to help homeless, back home I would always volunteer at a local homeless shelter it gave me joy helping the people that really need it. Seeing people's smiles from even the smallest things would make me feel really good as a person. Mr. Peter the man I worked with at the shelter would always say how he wishes more people could be kind and courageous. The quote that I listed above made me think about how he said that. It really made me think because more people that are fortunate and have the needs to survive should help others. But few people actually begin to think about the ones that are less fortunate. Throughout my time there I can say it impacted me greatly each day I would help out hundreds of people in need and it made me feel complete. Knowing I impacted someone's life gave me a feeling of greatness along with feeling like I was apart of something. I also really enjoyed being at the facility because the people that lived there had nothing but still you see smiles. I am fortunate enough to have had a very stable life and childhood and I can say I have reasons to smile everyday. These people truly had nothing but the clothes on there back but continue to still smile and search for new opportunities everyday. These people were optimistic and caring and they truly deserve more.

I hope to continue to volunteer at the facility as I continue to pursue my education in Tallahassee. Helping others and providing goods to people that truly need them is something I love to do and one day I hope to help others everyday by becoming a teacher. Doing this made me passionate and inspired to do more in the community. I hope to continue to provide my service to the Kearney center. I personally would like to thank each and every person that works there. Those people matter and others don't see what really goes on in shelters like this one. I felt very welcomed at this facility and I hope it continues to provide people in need with supplies and tools to one day get back on there feet.