Monday, May 29, 2017

P.: "A person can truly find out how lucky they are by giving back to others"

“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.” A person can truly find out how lucky they are by giving back to others. A person who is fortunate enough to have a bed to sleep in and food to eat every night should help the people who are not. In the past two semesters, I have gotten the opportunity to help the veterans at the village.
            Last semester was the first time I had done any kind of community outreach to help the less fortunate. When I first looked at the project I thought like most people these people are lazy, why can’t they go out and get a job? When I heard, you talk about the things these men go through daily it made me rethink my stance of the matter. So, when the end of the semester came around and I got the bundle of goods and turned them I was happy to think that I could help these people who had given up so much to help their country.
Something I have always believed is that you can learn a lot about a person according to their actions when someone has a hand out asking for help. These men are no lower than any of us just because they are homeless. In fact, they should be held higher than us for the things they have sacrificed for this country. I am thankful for the opportunity to help these men when they are in a time of need. More people should get up and try to help veterans because they genuinely deserve it. This service project will have a lasting effect on me and has been a learning experience. No matter what someone has it worse.
At the beginning of the semester in another class I am taking my teacher brought up extra credit options to bring things in for veteran’s village. The fact of extra credit of course got everyone’s attention but looking around when she started to talk about brining stuff for the men you could tell my other classmates wanted to help them. Many people asked questioned about what to bring, where to bring it, and how much. This was a good thing to see because it shows there are still caring people in the world. After seeing this I noticed how many people wanted to help these men. The fact of getting extra credit for doing these things is a perk yes but even more then that being able to help another person is a even bigger perk.
A project like this where it comes to helping someone in need can be a learning lesson for anyone who is participating. When you sit back and think about all the things these men have done for this country and the fact that they are homeless, my life does not seem so bad. So many kids complain about not having enough “cool” things when these men do not even have a bed to sleep in. This project has made me realize that my life is not perfect, but it could be a whole lot worse. It has taught me a valuable lesson about helping another person when they are in need. The veteran’s village service project has had a lasting impression on my life, and hopefully, I will get a chance to do something like this again.

Now that I have had the chance to give a small contribution to the veteran’s village these two past semesters I am very thankful for being able to help. There are times in life when you get put in situations to see how lucky you truly are and for me this was one of them. I hope in the future the kids at TCC continue to help the men at veterans village and that I may get another chance to help people in my local community.