Monday, May 29, 2017

MK was always that guy who would be like "oh someone else will help"

I’ve always found my happiness through others, what I mean by this is if I can put a smile on someone’s face it as well puts a smile on mine, its priceless. So, the quote “The wise man does not lay up his own treasures. The more he gives to others, the more he has for his own.” 
― Lao Tzu, is what I live by. There’s only one time where I helped someone out. I gave food out to some veterans. That was a hassle to be honest and it was all because I was not organized about it.  But at the end of day it was well worth it.
 For this service project, what I decided to do was give out food to the homeless! Just to go to a homeless shelter and give out a bunch of food with a group of friends. But our wonderful professor was kind enough to provide us a list of some things we could buy and make a mini care package for the veterans which I thought was perfect because it was planned and listed out for me so it was perfect! Not the fact that it made my life easier but as well as it helped the veterans. Let’s be honest our veterans fight for our country and I personally feel like they don’t get treated as well as they should be treated.
This Service project really opened my eyes on reality. I was always that guy who would be like “oh someone else will help” but that’s not the case reality is most people think the same way so everyone’s waiting on someone to help and nobody’s helping. The change starts with you and only you. There are so many homeless people on the side of the road with no place to stay and nothing to eat and people always tell themselves that “they did that to themselves” at least that’s what I used to think that’s why this project gave me a different outlook on things, but nobody knows their story. Most of the homeless people we see on the side of the road today are veterans who fought for our country. The service project also better educated me about the world. Giving me a better understanding on how the world is, not everyone has a roof on their head and not everyone is living the same lifestyle as you. I feel like we as humans forget that a lot. I started becoming more aware on the things I did in life being more helpful to people donating whenever I myself can. It can be as small as finding a fund raiser online and donating a couple dollars. Its more about the thought that counts. Or even holding the door for someone. I believe that the bag of goodies honestly had a great impact on the veterans. Like I said early they are not shown much love. I feel like this shows that people care about them and giving them hope and the feeling that they fought for our country for the right reason! Making them feel loved and cared for. What our professor is doing I feel like would have a huge impact on our community. She sets everything up and if every student did their service project I feel like this would have a positive impact on every single student if they had the same experience as I did. Volunteering should be mandatory I feel because we live in a world or a country I should say where you don’t have to do something if you don’t want to do it but if its mandatory or for a grade more people would do it. Just to open the eyes of people and show them that we really don’t live in a perfect world.

The reason why I did this service project was it was simple to do the teacher literally posted step by step on what to buy and told us where to buy the supplies. Also felt like to give back I sit my butt at home knowing I’m being protected by one of the best military in the world. So, giving back was the least I could do. I feel like everyone at least once in their entire lifetime should give back to someone! It truly is an unexplainable experience and I enjoyed it so much!