Monday, May 29, 2017

Mackenzie fed First Responders and Might Change Her Major

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”- M. Gandi. For my service project I delivered and donated meals to First responders in Tallahassee. I bought the food from a company near and dear to my heart, called Mission BBQ. Where I bought pulled pork, sliced turkey, baked beans, mac n cheese, and banana pudding to be given to the fire fighters. 
The reason I picked this as my service project is because my family has been going to fire stations and police stations once a month and on every major holiday for the past year. It has become very special to me to be able to give a little something to these men and women who give their lives to the community. Since I moved away, I hadn’t been able to be involved with this much anymore. So that’s why this service project gave me a chance to start and do it on my own. Although, I did get some other volunteers from the restaurant to join me, this restaurant loves to be involved in giving back to the community any time they can.
The impact this service project had on my educational wisdom path really changed what I thought I wanted to do. I plan on double majoring in marketing and retail management. But those majors aren’t really the type that I can give back to the community though. And after this project I’ve realized how important it is to me to give back to your community. Which has made me think about changing my major. Because the feeling I get when I get to give back to someone can really never amount to an amount of money. So this project has really made me think about completely changing my path of education.
I think the impact that my service project had on the community was very prominent. What these people do for our community is amazing and they deserve way more than what they’re given. So just buy dropping off meals for the crews, it makes their whole days better. And knowing that they had a full hearty meal insures me that they are in the best shape to do their jobs. Which is saving lives people!!! We want them in their best for that!  I also got to talk to some of the guys and they were so unbelievable thankful. For such a small gesture from me, was a huge one to them. And that’s what makes it all worth it. Talking to these men and women and learning what they do on a day to day is incredible. And they deserve to get food brought to them every single day. My impact on the community might be small, but to these men and women I got to serve, it was big.