Monday, May 29, 2017

M* finishes her second semester of coordinating volunteer giveaways at Veterans Village

                       As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”  I picked this quote because I believe that many should live by this quote. There is always enough to go around, you should always try to help out others and never hoard anything. I believe that if you help out others, others will help you.  Since starting with you in August I have learned not only so much about history but about being a decent human-being and leader for others to follow. You have taught me that it does not take much to put a smile on someone’s face or make their day. It does not take a whole lot of money to help out others in need. You can donate some of your old things you do not use, or even donate your time.

         I have always been one to put others before me even if I knew I wouldn’t benefit from it. I do not believe that you should have to get something out of it. Seeing a smile on someone’s face that is going through a lot should mean the world to you. Since I was little I have always tried to do as many toy drives as possible. I always do toys for tots, which is always nice because you can pick and choose what you want to get kids. I started doing a program called PACE when I moved to Tallahassee a few years ago, which are girls at at risk of dropping out, are pregnant or have a bad home-life. . Each Christmas I get a girl that writes about what she would like and I get to shop for her to the best of my abilities. I have also done other private programs such as where you are given a family that wasn’t able to get their kids gifts and you step in to your best to make it happen. It is somewhat comparable to shopping for the veterans, seeing as you have to put yourself in their shoes and think of what they would like and what would help them out the most too.

            I am fortunate to have two charitable parents that have never said the word no to any charity work I want to help out with. I feel that sometimes I forget just how how much I have and forget that not everyone is as blessed to have a roof over their head or food for them or the ones they provide for. I am a very blessed person and I believe that I could spread happiness around by donating my time and effort. I absolutely loved be able to help out at the Christmas event for the Veterans. I liked that we went through every bag that was donated and check to make sure each bag was like the others. I remember getting to hand out all of the towels I hand-wrapped, tied with ribbon and stuck a candy-cane on. They were all so sweet and thankful for us to have just shown up and talk to them. I really feel that they did love the bags but were even happier to get to talk to us and have a nice meal prepared for them. I loved talking about their lives and views on things. I liked that when I went back last week there were a few familiar faces and new faces of people to chat with. I was excited to see the turn out of bags we received from everyone and the effort everyone put in to chip in and give what they could. I hope that am able to continue doing this and able to get others to come help or even donate to help out. 

I hope to have a bigger turn out each and every single time I am able to help.