Monday, May 29, 2017

L visits Cherry Laurel in honor of her Grandmother.

We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that. - Ellen DeGeneres.
Ellen DeGeneres is one of my favorite person in the whole world, not only is she one of the first women to represent the lesbian community, she also is a very giving person. She often invites people that are either less fortunate or have done amazing things others and would give them money, making their dreams come true or trips for their whole family. Ellen DeGeneres and this papers due date inspired me to do some good in the world too, and I knew exactly how.
My Grandmother passed away 2 years ago ,and before she passed away we unfortunately had to put her in an elderly home because we couldn’t accommodate her needs properly. I visited her every other day and I must say, a retirement home is one of the saddest and boring places I ever seen. Even though, I haven't been back to a retirement home in two years the image of sadness and depression of the elderly's face still haunts me. So I decided to go to Cherry Laurel a retirement home on mahan ,and see how I can make some someone's day better. I explained to the receptionist that for my service project I wanted to pick two elderly that haven't been visited in a long time and have a special lunch with some of their favorite foods. At first she was hesitant to give me that sort of information ,but I think she saw my good intentions and was nice enough to give me the names of Jenny and Bart.
 Jenny was a 80 year old black woman born in Louisiana, and Bart was an 90 year old white older gentlemen born in Miami. I started to introduce myself to them and slowly gain their trust, before I knew it we were cracking jokes and getting along. We slowly started to get to know each other and I let them know my intentions on making the world a better place even. My idea was to bring happiness through food, I wanted to make a special dinner for both of my guest so I asked them what their favorite food was. At first Jenny was very hesitant because what she had in mind was a secrete  recipes , but after a while she was more exited on having her favorite desert one last time then keeping a secret. Bart on the on the contrary was very excited from the moment I explain to him my project to him, he was exited that he was sick. He began to tell me how it's been a while sense his family has visited him which makes him feel sad or depress sometimes.
We began to have lunch the first time and at first I was very awkward we were all going through the small talk topic very quickly until we got to the topic of  education. I turns out that Jenny was a secretary that worked her way up from an assistant's assistant in the at a lawferm and Bart was an engineer in the army and developed new types of sonic equipment. They both showed me that education was key, Ms. Jenny really opened up my eyes to how man monopolize the job industries while woman are sold the idea that they should be at home rising children. Education is a womans best friend because it opens up their mind to new ideas that are able to change the way other think and stand up for themselves.
I began going over every other week and each time I began to see how much conferrable Jenny and Bart were together, before on they were telling me how their were hanging out without me like watching television and going on walks. Jenny had a stroke on April 20 2017, and I was so surprised. It was a real hit for me because she was honestly my favorite she tought me a lot on being a strong independent woman that even though Im not able to write down all the advice she given me she though me to always advance my education, fight for women's rights and always do what you feel is right.