Monday, May 29, 2017

KM wants to set an example of how far a little kindness can go.

     “Never get tired of doing little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts.” While the author of this quote is unknown, I feel the words that were spoken are very inspirational. I have always been taught growing up that you never know how much a small action can impact a person. You never know if that small thing you thought would not really make an impact, actually made somebody’s day completely turn around. Doing this service project was a way to live out what I have been taught.
     I originally chose to do my project for the Hospice House because it has made such a huge impact on my family and myself. I have had several family members and family friends use the resources of Hospice before their passing. The work that the staff at Hospice House does, I feel is often underappreciated. There are so many workers there that many people do not know about. For instance, the music therapists are some people that I have personally seen make a big difference. The musical therapists left an impact on me because in people’s last hours they use their talents to bring them peace. To know that these people choose to use their passions for good and not let them go to waste is an inspiration to always try to do for others. The nurses also have to deal with so much death and sadness, yet they always bring a positive spirit to the room. There are so many workers there that inspire others to become a better person, and I was beyond excited to be able to do something for them in exchange for all they have done for me.
     My project was going to be collecting thank you notes for the workers at Hospice House to drop off with a baked treat as well. I was hoping that this small act would show that somebody appreciates the work that they do. It may not be a huge gift, but it is something just to show that people do care. This project was something that was close to me and I wanted to see if other people wanted to participate in it as well. This I what caused me to get my high school’s Rotary Interact group involved.
     I am the president of Interact at Wakulla High, and I presented what I was doing to our sponsor teacher. She was totally in on the idea and we planned a thank you note writing time in our next meeting. The members of the group all wrote thank you notes to the staff at Hospice. Some chose specific staff (nurses, volunteers, etc.) because that is who they felt called to. It was amazing to see them all writing these letters and being so focused on what they were saying. It made me think about how touched the staff members were going to be that these high school kids thought about them.
     After collecting the letters, I wrote my own. There was so much that I wanted to say to these wonderful people. I prepared cookies to deliver to them with the notes. I went to the Hospice House and dropped it all off to the lady who greets the people at the door. She was so appreciative and told me several times how much the staff was all going to appreciate it. Her thankfulness was a reward in itself and I hope that the other members of the staff know just how important they are. The Hospice House would not be where they are without each and every single individual who puts their heart into their work. I know their job has to be difficult because they are constantly having to say goodbye. The strength that this staff has deserves to be recognized.
     This experience had a great impact on me. It proved to me that the lesson about the small things often meaning the most is true. My aunt and uncle have always tried to tell me that even if it does not seem like that big of a deal to you, it could mean the world to someone else. It is always nice to know that you are appreciated. Doing this project helped to remind me that I should always strive to do things for others. I have been raised to give help to others when you can and this experience shows how good it feels when you do. Doing projects like these makes me realize that I want a job where I can help people in some way every day of my life and that the field I am going into will allow me to do this. I always want to be known as someone who does for others, but I do not want to do this for myself. I want to do it for my community and to try and set an example of how far little kindness can go.